Dec 05 2012

Favorite Workshop

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Although the workshops we had to go to seemed like a hassle at the time I appreciate all of them now. My favorite though was the Rubin museum, it meant the most for me because the religion I practice(Hinduism) was prominently represented and a lot of artwork was used. Outside of this factor I enjoyed it still because I learned a lot about the Buddhist culture. The artwork was definitely intriguing especially to think that these defined and detailed sculptures were made so long ago with little help of technology. I think this trip also made me more open to museums, when I was younger I always thought museums as places that old people go to. Since I am now the “old people” I used to talk about I guess I do like museums. This is a good workshop also because it was interactive it wasn’t like the news literacy workshop where we sat and waited to the end. Rather we were able to pick up the headsets and learn about what we were looking at and experience another culture.

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  1.   DDeCrescenzo-froon 07 Dec 2012 at 10:43 AM

    I’m glad to hear that you found some of yourself reflected in the museum visit. I’d definitely encourage you to explore more museums in the city — you live in the center of a vibrant art community!