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Nov 30 2012

My Experience so far…

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I’ve never been the typical “asian” ever; and being at baruch made it all the more obvious at how not asian I am. In high school, there were only a handful of asians and none of them were in huge groups and spoke only in their own language. In a way, I find it interesting to see so many asians at one place and see the diversity in their prospective ethnicities. I think so far, Baruch is a good school choice for me; I know for some people they cant stand it because of the lack of campus and the lack of a student life. However, I’m the more reserved, casual type person, and the fact that I am able to dorm helped alot. I thought that i may be bothered about going to a city school, but I think it was the right choice for me. I love waking up to the sky line and going to sleep with the city lights. I don’t think I’d have it any other way. In regards to academics, this semester has been the easiest semester of classes since my freshman year in high school. Being an avid AP student in high school, which comes along with tons of homework and tests, this semester was a piece of cake (besides calculus). One of my favorite things about being in college is the late classes. I honestly don’t know how I survived waking up everyday at 6:30 in high school.

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Nov 30 2012

Favorite Enrichment Workshop

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My favorite enrichment workshop would have to be the trip to the Rubin museum. I’ve always liked museums to begin with, burt had not had the chance to observe tibetan art. I don’t know much about the buddha and it was interesting to learn about the different hand gestures and positions and what they meant. I thought the atmosphere of the museum was very serene, quiet and reserved and allowed one to carefully look at each display. I thought the meditation room a nice touch and gave one the full effect of a part of a certain aspect of buddhism. I’m always up for learning about new cultures and thought the museum was extremely informative and interesting to learn about.

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Nov 29 2012

My Favorite Enrichment Workshop

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My favorite Enrichment Workshop was definitely the Journalism workshop we attended in October. Since I’m hoping to major in Journalism, I found it to be particularly interesting. I liked the Rubin Museum very much as well, but this was definitely my favorite. I love the idea of integrity in Journalism and think it’s unbelievably important, so I’m very happy that it was essentially the main focus of the workshop. I liked the story of the supposedly “diseased” girl too, it showed how much the media really just makes facts up for a good story. We also learned the importance of fact checking and how to figure out whether or not a source is credible, which is also very important when dealing with news outlets. Overall, I thought that it was the most relevant Enrichment Workshop we attended (not that Nepalese art isn’t relevant, but you know…) and I really enjoyed it!

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Nov 28 2012

Enrichment Workshop

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Of all the enrichment workshops I’ve been to during freshman orientation is the visit to the Rubin Museum. The environment of this workshop is much preferred over the other ones. I enjoyed the peaceful and quiet aura the museum produced. I enjoyed the unique and modern architecture of the museum building. I enjoyed the intake of new knowledge I  captured regarding a somewhat intriguing topic. I enjoyed staring at the artifacts and paintings available. I think I enjoyed almost every aspect of this workshop, except for the walking. I admit I am a lazy person and it was also a cold day. If only the Rubin Museum was closer to Baruch, like right next door.

My favorite part of the Rubin Museum enrichment workshop was the shrine. It’s my first time seeing a shrine of this sort. It made me feel eerily relaxed and peaceful. It also made me want to go take a nap for a while. This came as a surprise for me, since I usually don’t like being in dark places and seeing a lot of lighted candles. I usually prefer bright rooms with a lot of windows and emptiness. I believe this trip is the most enriching to me, so it earned a place in my heart as being my favorite enrichment workshop of my experiences in freshmen orientation.


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Nov 28 2012

Time at Baruch

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I thought after I graduated high school I would escape the poorly developed faucets that are available in bathrooms. I was wrong. Baruch uses the same faucets where one hand must be kept on the faucet for water to come out. A dilemma emerges where I am made unable to rub my hands together to get rid of soap residue. I am therefore forced to adapt by using only one hand to accomplish this task. It is as if the college is discouraging us to properly wash our hands after each use of the porcelain facilities.

However, if interested in the prospect of being able to wash your hands adequately, I have discovered the third floor bathrooms in the VC building to be embellished with automatic sinks. And the the bathroom on the 7th floor of the library building has one lone sink that actually has handles that you turn to keep the water running. This information only regards female facilities.

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Nov 28 2012

The Enrichment Workshops

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My favorite workshop would be hands down the Rubin Museum of Art. Though I expected a big building comparable to the Met, the small yet airy space could not have been more fitting. The stairs, as well as the layout really got to me. To top it all off, there was this sense of quiet peace that made me want to just shut up and get lost. The fact that it used to be a store was incredible, especially because they kept the staircase that tied everything together. To be perfectly honest, the majority of the art didn’t appeal to me. I only saw a fraction of the gallery that day, so I’m eager to go back. In the constantly moving pace of city life, the tranquil little piece of the Himalayas really brought about a sense of balance. Some of the deity pieces seemed almost tacky, but the prayer room was absolutely serene. I was never a fan of any artwork depicting mankind or its many gods, but the artwork of the geography was nothing short of breathtaking. I definitely look forward to going back during the week of midterms and taking a little time off to calm myself. I never really appreciated the level of depth that Himalayan art contained. It was definitely the most enriching workshop so far. Plus I hear they have a nice lounge that’s worth checking out.

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Nov 25 2012

Enrichment Workshops

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In a post of no more than 500 words, write about your favorite enrichment workshop that you have attended and why this workshop/program/experience was your favorite.

Be sure to address the ways in which this workshop/program/experience resonated with you from a personal perspective and, if applicable, if it inspired you in any way.

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Nov 25 2012

Your Time at Baruch

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Create or find a photograph or some other image (a meme, an animated GIF, etc.) that represents in some way your experience at Baruch thus far. Embed your image in a blog post in which you reflect, in no more than 500 words, on your impressions of your first three months at Baruch.
Your response should be personal and creative. If you use an image that you did not create yourself, be sure to credit the source with a name, if possible, and a URL.

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Nov 23 2012

My Time at Baruch so Far

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This Meme from the Baruch Memes Facebook page is not only hilarious, but I like to think it pretty much incapsulates my time at Baruch so far. I was shocked, and very pleasantly surprised, at the amount of Jewish holidays we had off from school. I never expected that here, but it’s just one of the many positive things that have come out of my time at Baruch. I really like my classes, they’re interesting and they’re not too hard, but not too easy, so I’m really happy about that. My schedule this semester was great too, while I wish I didn’t have to start at 9:30 3 days in a row, I know that this is just me complaining and being lazy, because my current schedule allows ample time for a social life, keeping up with my classes, having some time for myself, and getting enough sleep. I only hope I can be this lucky with my schedule for the Spring semester. Registration is definitely stressing me out, but at least I have a great schedule to base the one I want on. And lastly, I think the best thing about my time at Baruch so far has been the people here! I don’t want to say that I wasn’t expecting to meet great people, but seeing as that Baruch has the reputation for being a relatively unfriendly commuter school, I was necessarily going in with the highest of expectations. But everyone, from the people in my classes to my professors, have been awesome. I’m so happy so far with everything, and I hope it only gets better!

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Nov 15 2012

City of Night (Freshman Monologue)

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I’m not that big of a poetry buff, but this was an incomplete work from a while back. I think it’s rather fitting for this assignment.

 City of Night

An endless horizon, waiting beyond ivory clouds.

The day’s ethereal burdens arcing my head

towards the grasping silken threads.

The world blurs and fades to nothing

but a cloud of fireflies in a windstorm.

The buzzing drone of my thoughts fade,

and the memories come unbidden.

A surging tide of unfelt emotions,

suppressed by time and circumstance,

crash over me and color my vision

the shade of a long lost twilight.

I feel no rising, no falling, no fire, no spark.

Just the flame of my waking burning to embers,

and as it flickers to naught,

my world plunges into the city of night.

A landscape of black

In which I alone walk.

Darkness whispering in my head,

Of memories and regrets.

Of things long buried in the

struggle to keep myself sane.

Of fantasies and daydreams,

Of impossible hopes that write the script

for the performance of everyday life

Chronology and reality cast aside,

For there is nothing here, in my city of night,

but the whirling glass fragments of my entire being;

completely, incomprehensibly shattered.

Yet laid out in perfect understanding of all that defines me.

As I stir from my self-wrought demons,

the phantasms grasping the corners of my vision,

their wispy fingers silently leadening my eyelids

 and beckoning me back into the shadows.

I disentangle myself from ivory clouds,

To dive into the current of waking life.

I return to die in the evening,

Only to be reborn in the morn.

For what is sleep but a temporary death,

Dreams but mirages of what we have lost

and have yet to achieve.

As I return to life each morning,

I decline to stay and linger,

In the ersatz reality of sleep.

For I’ll all the time in the world to dream,

When my soul is no longer mine to keep.

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