My Baruch Experience thus Far(Ashlee’s 3rd Blog Post)

my memory verse


My time at Baruch College so far has been amazing. This picture shows what has motivated me in these few months at Baruch. I am determined to be successful and do my best. I never want to forget my values. In order to reach the goals I have set for myself, I need to have faith. I know that I can do all the things I aspire to through God. This verse basically states that. I have been doing well and each day I am getting stronger. I am glad my family instilled good values within me. I just want to stay on the right track. I want to prosper, be in good health and become successful. Without God none of that can happen. This Baruch experience thus far has shown me many people and cultures. I am going to try to continue doing my best so I can reach my goals. This verse is the verse for my life.