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Walking towards the room where the event was going to take place I did not know what to expect. This was the first I was actually going to take part in a school activity that was gonna be beneficial to my future. Which to me was kind of a shocker. This was the first time I’m able to see the numerous offers that Baruch offers to students for success. As I entered the room there was a great amount of students there also for the help that Baruch offers for the future of the students. I sat down with a couple of students whom I never seen before and it made me think, this is how business is going to be like on my own, meeting people whom I have not even talked to or even seen in my life but it made me feel comfortable that I was able to talk and like feel good about participating with people who I never met before from the school. I had an international business major at my table and she was explaining more to what she does and the experiences and trainings that she had to go through with her area of expertise. It was interesting to hear about all the work there is behind it to be the area of expertise she was in and it made me question mine. How much I would have to do to be a part of . I always had an eye to do international business but after hearing this from her, it made me consider it even more. I always thought I was going to be a finance major my whole life but going to this career event it made me open my eyes that maybe finance isn’t something I want to do fully or maybe consider to be an international business major. I will be attending more career fairs in the long run as my time at Baruch. I see these events starting to be more helpful as I soon begin to realize how hard college is and how important it is and how much time and effort you need to put in, into the area of expertise you would like to be in.

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