Christian Fellowship!

At first I wondered into a random group with the intentions of leaving after a few minutes, but the minute I walked into the Christian Fellowship group I was bombarded with love, smiles, and FOOD! The atmosphere was very calming and the group members were very nice. We all introduced ourselves and played a few games to get familiar with each other, and to test our ability to work without each other and communicate. For the first discussion we were put into groups where the topic was “Have you ever searched for love? and where have you searched either it being in a relationship(boyfriend, girlfriend) or love and acceptance from a family member or where ever you looked for love. I also met the instructor of a males group where they have in depth conversation about guy stuff and he actually has my major, so that will be a big plus in deciding if that is the major for me by asking many different questions of what to expect. The main purpose of the group was to understand the love and teachings of Christianity and what we believe in, and are we hardcore believers or is it a moderate love for our religion. Some of the stories that I heard were very weird, but others very inspiring and this was an experience that I will  take advantage of in networking and learning new people. The first impression was everything and the members were so cheerful at one point I thought to myself “why were they so happy?” I want to be that happy, and this is the type of environment I wanted to be in and converse in. The picture attached is the smiles of two well fed individuals with no clue of what exactly they were getting themselves into.

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  1. That is pretty cool. I had no idea that there was a Christianity related anything on campus. What you just described reminds me a little bit of the youth community that exists in my own church. To be honest I do not think that I want to get involved with a group that is so similar to what I have already been exposed to for years as a Pastor’s daughter. I am ready to explore new ideas, that is what college is for. But it is nice to know that the group exists and will be there if I ever need a piece of familiarity.

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