Visiting the MoMa

Today I decided on the day I have off from school to go to the MoMa. I decided to drag my girlfriend along for the journey as she was the one who I asked to take the pictures for me. At the MoMa I saw a couple of good paintings but one that stood out to me the most was this bronze piece of work. This was of a bike in a canvas and everything painted as bronze. This reminded me of the summers I would used to ride bikes all over the bronx to spend my days. The bronze of the painting itself reminded me of the musky and humid days that summer would bring along. The painting itself spoke to me, as it just made me reminiscent of good old days before college was even near and when life was stress free.

The MoMa was a good experience, it was a place where there were many different kinds of art that would generally interest you. They have a good variety of art work, which makes you see and realize the differences of art throughout time. Different time frames have different kind of art there is as I seen a pop art from the 70’s took a famous picture of the deceased president John F. Kennedy. There is a form of art that would capture your eye. As I learned that street art is the type of art that captures my eye and also art that has figure such as the bronze painting that i saw with the bike that makes me remind myself my past.

The MoMa is up for interpretation, and take it as is. It might not be the best art museum there is but it is a great window of opportunity to get involved with the world of art and see the different types of art that presented from sculptures using scraps of metal to blank canvases with simple lines through it. Each art has its meaning and it own category in art but it will help you see the world of art and hope that it will make you more involved with it just like I am with this experience.

One thought on “Visiting the MoMa

  1. Hey Freddy, really cool post about going to the MoMa! Was it your first time going to that museum? I for one, had to go multiple times, once with my family, once with friends who wouldn’t stop nagging me to go with them, and then a third and (hopefully) final time with a class from highschool. I didn’t like it any of the times I went, I guess I’m not an art person. However it was really cool to read about your experience at the MoMa, and how you could connect a piece of art to a memory from your childhood. Finally, it sucks you dragged your girlfriend there, I hope it wasn’t too boring.

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