Academic Partik Singh


For my blog I went to the Met which is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first thing that I was a fan of was in regard to the cost, it was nice to have the option to decide how much I give. The museum itself looks extraordinary from the outside in addition the inside. The exhibits within the museum are also exquisite and are brilliant sights to see. The marvelous works of art are understandably a massive attraction due to the pure beauty that some of them display. This was an enjoyable thanks to everything that I saw in the museum. There was fantastic art from various historical periods and various areas of the world. Art from around the globe, throughout history was on display which was a great sight to see, a great experience and a nice learning adventure. There was plenty of information about the exhibits and the works that were on display. It was enjoyable for the learning and sights, but also thanks to the overall nature of the trip to the museum. It was nice to go on my own time and check the museum out. I could be totally relaxed and just enjoy the museum while I was there. It was easy to marvel the works present in the museum and admire the art that was present. In history classes I have learned of Medieval times and some Egyptian history, and know to get to see the art from those times and areas it helps contextualize all the information I had and understand the art. I felt like I took advantage of this opportunity and got to enjoy this brilliant museum. It was a great experience for my first semester, and it is something that I would not mind doing again later on in my life.

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