Career Partik Singh

For my last blog I went to the Majors and Minors fair. This was for my career blog. It was a nice, information filled experience in which I learned several new things in regards to my major as well as regarding other possible majors. Several experienced individuals from the fields of some majors were sitting at their respective tables. They had papers to hand out with plenty of information at their tables. I think it was a great learning experience since it allowed for exposure to a wide variety of majors, some of which I did not even know about. Another aspect making it a great learning experience were the representatives at the tables. They possess abundant knowledge regarding the major they were representing and it is very beneficial to take their advice because they have been through this already, and they have made it in their respective fields. They were willing to try and answer every question that students had to the best of their abilities. I think the event was great for people who are uncertain and confused about what they want to do for their major or minor because they are presented a large variety of options and are provided ample information regarding each major or minor that they might be interested in. Another great aspect were the handouts which were present at each table. These handouts were packed with information, allowing students to ask questions about information within the handouts, as well as giving them the ability to take it home and look over all the information present in them. I had listened to some of the questions that students had at the Finance major because I wanted to obtain information regarding that. They were asking of things that I did not even know about, and the woman at the table did a nice job explaining to me and the other students about the major and answering questions. I would recommend going to this event because it is very helpful and provides great information.

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