Aaron at Career Prep

Aaron D’Souza

At Tuesday’s career fair prep, we learned many valuable skills for standing out among the recruiters. At the prep, three speakers talked about dressing formal, being friendly and open, and making a strong first impression. One key point they stressed was the elevator pitch. This consists of a 30 second to 2-minute speech detailing your interest, skills, experiences, goals, and why you are a good candidate. The resume should include all relevant experiences, achievements, skills, and education. I have an old resume, and after this meeting, I plan to visit STARR to get advice on updating and improving it. In addition, anyone interest in going shouldn’t be afraid. The speakers told us that companies are looking for freshman and sophomores more and more for entry level positions. The career workshop also talked about how contacting recruiters and how to conduct ourselves around them. Finally, the speakers told us to choose our top five companies, because there will be long lines, and we will not have a chance to meet with 82 different companies.

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