Portfolio Workshop/Witny Winternship

I attended the Portfolio Workshop this past week on Thursday. Although I did have my on LinkedIn account and made my own website and published it on GitHub, I was hoping to get some more information on buying a domain and getting my actual webpages on that domain. Unfortunately they went over stuff I already knew and did not help me as far as learning anything new. I knew most of the basics regarding html and css being taught and felt that I had wasted my time in terms helping me market myself to future employers. We didn’t even use html and css, but wix so that was kind of off putting for me. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me to an internship I could sign up for over winter break from Witny. I would have an paid internship with a tech company over winter break giving me a chance to build my resume in the future should I ever decide technology is something I’d like to pursue.

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