blog post #3

For my last blog assignment, I decided to go to the tech fair this past Thursday. The tech fair was a great place to learn about new start up companies an listen to ways these companies have grown and developed over the years. At the fair a few people gave some speeches and shared some insight on start ups and how to be to succeed with them. There was also a question and answer section which allowed and openned the floor to students with all different kinds of questions, concerns, and inquiries that we had. It was interesting to hear the questions some people had, and it was even more interesting to hear the answers the speaker gave, as he shed even more light on start up companies. Additionally, people from real start up companies were at the fair which made this a great opportunity to network and hopefully be hired by one of these companies. You were able to bring your resume and pitch yourself to these companies and show how you are interested and hopefully qualified to work in their particular company. The tech fair also provided food from the Hillel. This was especially convenient, because the fair took place at 12:30, so it was nice that they provided food for us. The last reason why this club was so useful was because, being that I’m in a club that works hands on with start up companies in Israel, it was also a great experience to see and hear, first hand, about start up companies in America. Although the market in the United States in very different than the market in Israel, start up companies all share many common and fundamental skills that you need to have in order to succeed. This fair was a very useful and an insightful fair. It provided a lot of knowledge about start ups and was a great opportunity to network.


There is a great museum in the Upper East Side, not far from my residence called the Museum of the City of New York. It is one of my favorite museums in the city and everyone under the age of 19 can get in for free. One of my favorite exhibits is the one on the right side of the first floor. It has a bunch of information about the history of the city as well as some very old artifacts from when people first began settling there. The museum overall has 3 floors and it would take someone days to explore the whole place adequately.

The Museum of the City of New York

I believe visiting a museum is something that we are allowed to blog about for this class. One of my favorite museums in NYC is the Museum of the City of New York. It is located at 1220 5th Avenue in the Upper East Side, not far from the building in which I live in. Every one under the age of 19 can get in for free. The museum has a bunch of exhibits about the city and has a grand total of 3 floors. One of my favorite is the first room on the right of the first floor that has a bunch of information on the history of the city, as well as some artifacts from hundreds of years ago. You could spend hours in this museum and not even make a dent.

Blog #3- Starr Career

Over my past few months at Baruch I have ran into signs of the Starr career center more times than I can count.My first time in Baruch when I was on a campus tour my director actually made a reference to the Starr career development center and mentioned how they had professional training, where clothing would be offered if a person didn’t have or how they should dress and handle themselves at a business dinner.  They also have many resources where you basically do no work at all besides making a resume and typing in what kind of internship you are looking for. Despite me not being a finance major the Starr Career Development Center introduced me to the financial leadership program, that has a special curriculum for your junior and senior year filled with workshops to have you more prepared for the business world. This was really unbelievable for me and if i ever decided to go into finance from marketing in the next few months I would definitely look into this program.This program also helps you find a job, so you are basically  set post graduation which is difficult for a college graduate to say especially in this economy.  Finding out about the Starr career center assisted me because now that i know clearly what is available to me, i can and will go to them for any questions. I can also be more focused on looking and applying for internships since I know there are counselors at the office who can advise me on the different types of internships. Finding out about the Starr  career development center  makes me proud that I selected Baruch  as my college because I was close to selecting Brooklyn College since they are so close to me and their business school just recently became certified. I definitely feel that Baruch has a  great deal of services and I am thankful for them as well as having the Freshman Seminar class to help make my transition to college smoother.

Blog #2

I went to the Museum of Modern Art to learn about modern art. There was a lot of different art pieces that I did not understand. I think they were too complex for me. I am not an artist so I did not really understand the meaning of a lot of the pieces but as I read the summaries and histories of the artists I started to appreciate the art a lot more. Some of the art was still confusing to me as all it had was some squiggly lines but I liked how it looked and I think that is all that really matters. I hope that next time I go to the Museum of Modern Art, I will have a lot more background knowledge of the artists and I will appreciate the art itself more.

STARR development center

I went to the STARR development center to get help for my resume. In high school, I made a simple resume for college and my job. I just looked up a resume maker and took my random accomplishments and made a messy compilation of them. While I didn’t realize that just doing that wasn’t sufficient in high school, my point of view quickly changed in Baruch. In the beginning of the year, I tried joining a club program but didn’t get to join. They wanted a copy of my resume. Before the club, the last time I looked at my resume was in May before college applications. Once I looked at it again, I quickly realized that it wasn’t good enough. My accomplishments weren’t specified enough, it wasn’t one page, and it didn’t have a consistent, coherent format. When I went to the STARR development center, they taught me some tips to make a better resume. They taught me what the important parts of a resume were, where to put the important parts, and what to specify in the important parts. I would recommend the STARR development center to every freshman in Baruch. A lot of the times, I don’t realize all the resources available to me at Baruch. Despite it being in my tuition, I don’t utilize them often. Many college students probably don’t utilize the resources as well. The STARR development center can really benefit anyone who needs help with improving job or internship prospects and is accessible to everyone at Baruch.

Visiting the MOMA

So I have a theme here I guess, with these posts, is that the things I do are for free! If you use your CUNY ID card, you can get into many cultural landmarks in the city for free. And although I didn’t do this for the assignment, I figured I would write about it because it was a good cultural experience. I went with my friend, who was visiting from abroad, to the MOMA over the weekend. I wasn’t expecting much, especially because I am not a fan of art, and to be honest, it wasn’t the best 4 hours of my life. As my friend dragged me from floor to floor, oohing and aahing about some painting, I pretended to be excited as I looked out the window, yearning for her to say she was hungry so we could leave and go eat hamburgers. But then we got to the 3rd floor, where there is an exhibit meant for kids, so they can play while their cultured parents see magnificent works of art. And I sat myself amongst the children and created a 3D city plan out of pipe cleaners, lego and sand. That was the highlight of my day! My friend was not pleased with me…We went to the 4th floor so we could see another exhibit, with strange videos of a man sliding on the floor with some animal carcass. Then we saw some Van Gogh, finally something I recognized. Anyhow, even if you’re like me and don’t enjoy museums, there are many things you can do around the city on your weekends, using your CUNY ID. Next time I’m dragging my friend to the Bronx zoo, and I’m going to force her to look at penguins for 4 hours while she dreams of pizza.

Blog Post #3

I do not actually know what career I want in the future, I have so many different options it is overwhelming sometimes. The options that appear best to me are not some of the opportunities given to me by college. However, I know that it is unrealistic of me to expect to be able to do what I want in life and so I wanted to see what career I could possibly go into that might not be uninteresting for me. I decided to go to the career fair I heard of, but I did not realize it would just be showcasing the jobs in one field of study. I also forgot it required me to be well dressed so I had to rent a suit to go.

The fair did not show me any jobs that I was interested in but it opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many job opportunities in just one subject that I had previously thought to be very limited in its application. I still do not know what I could possibly do or study but I at least know that whatever I do choose in the end may have jobs that I had no idea about. If anything this fair taught me to be more open-minded about various subjects. I hope that I will figure out what I want to do soon, maybe I will enlist the help of some of Baruch’s other career related services.


Portfolio Workshop/Witny Winternship

I attended the Portfolio Workshop this past week on Thursday. Although I did have my on LinkedIn account and made my own website and published it on GitHub, I was hoping to get some more information on buying a domain and getting my actual webpages on that domain. Unfortunately they went over stuff I already knew and did not help me as far as learning anything new. I knew most of the basics regarding html and css being taught and felt that I had wasted my time in terms helping me market myself to future employers. We didn’t even use html and css, but wix so that was kind of off putting for me. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me to an internship I could sign up for over winter break from Witny. I would have an paid internship with a tech company over winter break giving me a chance to build my resume in the future should I ever decide technology is something I’d like to pursue.

Blog Post 3

Homecoming for a CUNY school wasn’t what I expected. It was really cool to see al the activities that were provided for the students and new ways to join clubs, meet new people, watch a funny sports game and be introduced to the many cultures of Baruch. Brittany and I really wanted to get Henna but we kept missing the booth, it was upsetting but it would’ve been cool if we were able to get it because from what we saw the other people getting it was gorgeous. We also then went to the gym and watched a flag football game, it was all fun and games at first but then it got really serious when some of our classmates decided to join the game. It almost felt like a real life sports experience because we got the foam fingers, t-shirts, and those cheerleader type pom poms. It was really fun and cool to hang out with everyone and have something to do to pass the 3 hour wait period before our next class. It’s nice yo see how Baruch really tries to have a “private” college experience for Homecoming. I really feel like I’m getting used to the school and I’m not scared to meet people as much anymore.