Fro blog #3

For my third FRO blog I attended Baruch voices and I really enjoyed my time there. Baruch voices one of the best events I’ve attended at Baruch this far. Baruch voices was a showcase where members of different FRO classes presented the monologue they were required to write.  I listened to the many kids that spoke and I surprisingly enjoyed most of them. I had come to the event expecting to be bored the whole time and thinking that it was a waste of my time. Surprisingly though I was only bored for most of the time. The monologues that were presented were really creative and were way better than mine. Most of the monologues that I liked were really humorous compared to some of the others that were presented. One of the monologues presented that I liked talked about how much someone liked Popeye’s chicken. Another monologue I enjoyed was form Tiana, from our Fro class. It was really good the first time I heard it, and even better the second time. One of the coolest parts of Baruch voices was the fact that it was a First year-only event. This allowed me to get to know the names and faces of some of my peers. It also allowed me to see some people who I went and graduated high school with. That part of Baruch voices made me more familiar with my fellow classmates of the class of 2017. Baruch voices was a really dope event to attend and anyone who didn’t really missed out.

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