Blog Post 3

For this blog post I went to the Museum of Sex. This was mainly because a few of my friends were immature and thought it would be the funniest thing in the world. We ended up going and it was actually pretty interesting, especially their live sculptures. I would probably revisit with friends in the future.

John Green blog post 3

For my third blog post i went to the museum of sex because it seemed like a intresting, yet fun way to see sex history. I was really suprised to see the extensive layout and all the differnt gallarys they had. There was some very intresting sections like the room with the dildo attached to a bike, however there was some sections i found a little too explicit and vulgar but still an instresting tour. My only complaint was that although there was many gallerys i felt like the walk through the whole museum went by quick. At the end there was a cute little gift shop

Academic- blog 2

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.I went to tutoring for my English class. I needed help with my essay. The professor in this picture helped with many things. She helped me clearly decide on a thesis for my essay because before that I was deciding between a few. She also edited my essay and fixed some grammar mistakes. Tutoring is a great use this school and I think it definitely helped me get a better grade on that essay.

John green blog post 2

For my second blog post i attended a seminar about cancer prevention and what we all can do collectively to prevent it and also help people that are suffering with it. At the end of the meeting we were all given the option to submit a dna sample to be submitted in a database. The database is a collection of cancer patients that have there dna in the database and when we put our samples in, the database looks for matches to see potential donors. Cancer patients are struggling, some to get blood or bone marrow, and this database allows willing donors to donate to people who need blood and bone marrow. I feel that i found a club at baruch that genuinly cares about giving back to the society

Baruch Soccer Experience

Towards the beginning of the semester, I went to a Baruch soccer game or scrimmage (I am honestly not too sure) with a couple of other friends on Randalls Island. I completely forgot who the Baruch Soccer team was facing but I think that we won 3-2 in overtime or something like that. It was an interesting experience going to a collegiate sporting event for the first time at the school that I am attending. I’ve been to Rutgers and Princeton games before, and those were marginally more entertaining and fun due to the excitement and lack of sobriety within the students who were in attendance.

To be quite honest, I probably will stay away from sporting events for the rest of my tenure at this institution unless I am friends with one or several of the people who will be playing. Maybe I’ll go to a major basketball game if I know a lot of people are going. I am just not too big of a fan of CUNY athletics, as I am sure many other people feel the same way.

Randalls Island was not too far of a journey so I would not go to the extent of calling the trip a disappointment.

I forgot to take a picture of myself but I did save a snapchat of my friend.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of friends and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art located on Fifth Ave. We went in order to complete a history extra credit assignment, which wanted us to explore and analyze the World War I and the Visual Arts exhibit on the second floor. The World War I and Visual Arts exhibit as a whole is quite bleak. Upon entering, visitors are met with souvenirs in addition to colorful pro-war propaganda posters. Deeper into the exhibit, it becomes increasingly dim due to the high concentration of works depicting the horrors of war. There are many lithographs that show how the war was not as glorious as initially portrayed by many countries. Such glorification was brought on by the desperation of the governments to receive both physical support in the form of enlistment and financial support in the form of bonds.

I would like to believe that I would have gone to the exhibit without being instructed to do so since I am quite interested in American history. I have avoided many places that attract tourist in Manhattan, and just recently I’ve started going to those places in hopes of those places not being overhyped.

I liked it. Perfect 5/7.

I only took a picture of the walk there. My bad.

Start-up Tech

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.I went to the start-up tech on Thursday that was organized through Hillel. The start-up companies all started in Israel. Israel has the most start-up per capita in the world. Over there I was able to network with people. I even gave out my resume to a few companies. Each company has there own cool ideas. I was fascinated to learn how each company was created, and what each company had to overcome in order to make it to where they are today.

Majors/Minor Fair

This was actually pretty cute. I had pink eye sorta, so I was obviously looking like a meme in the photo. But as someone who was thinking of changing their major this was definitely a big help. I went with Tasmime, Maleeha, and Arianna and at first I was a bit bored. But in all honesty I’m glad I didn’t go alone as I probably would’ve left and not even attended the event. I wasn’t even aware some of these majors existed in Baruch! This event gave me a better understanding and greater view of Baruch. Still would rate this a 7/10. Not too perfect, could get boring. 


So I never posted about this but I went to the MET by myself for my history extra credit project. It was alright, I ended up paying a dollar cause sis is broke and I can’t afford much. I had to go to the World War I exhibit and was sorta interested. You could see the big propaganda posters as you made your way to the artwork and each room showcased a different time period during the war. Some pieces were really fucked up as they contained drawings of corpses or mutilation. Scary stuff but overall pretty cool. I would give it a 7/10. 

SCDC (Career)

The Starr Career Development Center is probably the single most useful resource Baruch possesses. That place is extremely helpful with everything you can thing about. Their main concern is your future, which I appreciate very much because most of the time, my brain is trying to contemplate how my future is going to turn out. The staff there were very nice and thorough with the job they did, showing genuine care. I walked in to get my resume looked over. Going into it I thought my resume was near perfection but sitting down with my advisor, I understood from an employers point of view how my resume lacked in many ways. I plan on making many more visits to this center because the diversity of things they can help with is almost overwhelming. I didn’t even know we could need that much help for some of the things. I’m very grateful for this center. My main goals are to focus on schoolwork and start shaping my career. There wrare so many things that need to get done in terms of the world of my career. Internships, volunteer work, and all the workshops I need to go to in order to ensure myself the best chance. New York City is very competitive. Baruch is very competitive. It’s my duty to use the resources around me to the very best potential so I can place myself in a better position to succeed.