Conference with my English Teacher

This past Thursday I attended a conference with my English 2100 Professor. We had an Analytical Essay due on Tuesday so I wanted to meet with her to discuss my essay. I went to her office and she went through my essay with me from start to finish. She helped me organize my thoughts so that they were all related to my thesis statement. Without her help my essay would have been completely unorganized and I would have gotten a terrible grade. This was my first time going to a teacher for help and it certainly won’t be my last. Talking to teachers is a great way to help yourself if you are struggling with something in class. Over all it was a great experience that really helped me.


I visited the MET museum since I knew there had been new installations added. I enjoyed seeing many exhibitions including the Splendors of Korean Art exhibit and World War I and the Visual Arts exhibit. The Korean Art exhibit presented designs and paintings on diverse subjects from the Joseon and early modern periods. The World War I exhibit presents drawings, photographs, illustrated books, posters, and World War I trading cards. I was able to gain knowledge on Korean and American history and domestic life.



I Gotta Work

I went to the Starr Career Development Center to get help on my resume and cover letter. The people there were very helpful and were able to help me with my future job search. They gave me helpful tips and even though I started working and I didn’t need my papers for that job because it is off the books, under the table kind of deal, it will help me in the future. When I will look for a better paying job, I will for sure value the help I got at the Starr Career Center and will definitely help me a lot.

math tutoring at sacc

Last Friday for my academic event, I scheduled an appointment for math at the sacc center. I went there to do some test corrections for my first math test and go over some of the questions that I got wrong. I found it really helpful and my tutor, Selena was friendly and helped me understand my mistakes. Great environment to get work done and not get distracted. I’d recommend everyone to schedule an appointment there whether it’s to study or go over topics you’re struggling at, and I would definitely be going back there for my next math test.

Academic Blog (MET Museum)



The outside looked really nice. The springs and stairs looked well together and gave you a clean professional feeling. Looking at the map, there were so many exhibits and it overwhelmed me a bit because I couldn’t choose what to go to first. I just followed whichever seemed to have more people walking towards which happened to be Egyptian exhibit. Walking through most of the museum, I felt the atmosphere of the different times that the items were constructed. It felt like I was actually a part of the civilizations due to the details of the exhibits and also how well preserved everything was. There was a lot of great sights to take pictures in. Unfortunately, I only took pair pictures and pictures of the paintings/objects itself. But this is a painting of the “Circus Sideshow” by Georges Seurat. The person I went with was the one who recommended this exhibit of paintings and I thought this one was very interesting because it felt like a story was being told in a single image.


In our English class, the second paper turned out to be much harder than the first one, and I was really struggling with it. So once I actually finished my first draft, I wasn’t feeling too good about it and had many concerns with it. As a result, I went to tutoring with my professor who gave me really helpful notes, and overall made my paper much more coherent and something I am actually proud of. I will definitely start going to more of my professor’s during their office hours for help, which in return will help me get better grades.

Women’s Volleyball Game

These past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work two women’s volleyball games. I worked as a line judge. For those who don’t know a line judge helps the referee decide close calls where the ball may have gone in or out close to the line. It was a great experience because it gave me the opportunity to meet the kids on the volleyball team and meat the administration that runs the games. Overall it was a great experience and would recommend it for someone else. Even if you may not be able to work the game, watching the game is just as exciting.

Metropolitan Museum of Art



I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the World War l exhibit. There I followed a tour guide where went in order of time. From pre-war to war time to post war. In the pre-war exhibit we were shown the things that led up to the war and the propaganda that flared it up in the first place. We than went onto the war time. There we saw the the military tactics such as new ways of using trenches and even the materials and weapons that were used during war. Here we also saw more posters that stayed supporting the war effort. After, we than went out to post war. We saw many images and less documents about the consequences and the aftermath of going to war. During this whole tour, I was taking down notes for an extra credit assignment for U.S History. Thanks you for reading.

My visit to Hillel

I wasn’t able to attend a workshop because of my on-going work and doctor visit schedule, so I visited a club again. I forgot to take pictures but I visited Hillel club because a lot of my older friends told me it was a nice place to hangout at. I came, they asked me if I was Jewish, I lied and told them I was, and they gave me a water bottle. Overall it was a 10/10 experience.

The Met

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.For this blog post I went to the Met. Even though I’ve been living in NYC all my life, shockingly, I’ve never actually been to the met and it was a relatively new experience for me. I got lost a bunch of times and had to ask like 10 different workers for directions to a specific exhibit. After 45 minutes of wandering I finally found it. The place is really nice the infrastructure and all is very aesthetic. It was a good learning experience because it contained all the worlds history in one place. Admission is donation based and I would definitely recommend that everyone should go once and experience it.