Model UN

I decided to visit Model UN information session. In high school, I was a part of the Model UN club for all four years. In general, I feel like this club in particular is one that is honorable and should be taken advantage of. Indeed, I look forward to joining this club. Involving myself with Model UN can ultimately grant me opportunities to work with diverse students, further allowing myself to communicate with people who have the same interests as me. When I went to check model UN out,  I noticed the room was very diverse. The group of people in this club seemed to be older than me. Everyone spoke in a dignified manner, and had showed respect for one another.

I hope to acquire an open minded mentality. Indeed openness is crucial when it comes to learning new things, interacting with new people, and embarking in plenty of experiences. I can tell that this club will benefit me in so many ways. I strive to be an individual who embodies leadership skills, communication skills, and competence. At the same time, this club requires dedication. Besides staying on campus for extra hours, I would need to spend time outside the club in order to prepare for debates, discussions, and presentations.
Raisa Choudhury

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