Student Life Workshop – UCLA general meeting!

I went to the general meeting of UCLA on 9/12/2017 (Tuesday). Everyone in the club is friendly and welcoming, that kind of makes me want to stay in the club in the future, hahaha.

They talked about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival, it’s not the best version that I have heard of, but I saw that the guy tried to make the story as interesting as possible with the help of the animation function in Power Point.

Then, we played the riddle game, which was the fun part, because some of the riddles actually have funny-but-speechless answers.
Q “Why would I want to throw the butter out of the window?”
A “Because I want to see a butterfly.”
Q “Hot and cold, which one is faster?”
A “Hot is faster, because you catch a cold.”

And at last, they taught us how to make lantern with color papers. This part was a little bit messy because I was sitting at the back, and I could barely see what was happening. It was just like watching a foreign movie without the subtitle, you know that she is talking and doing something, but you just don’t get it. But well, my friend and I still managed to make a lantern in the end.

And the most importantly, they gave food (it was dumplings!) before we were dismissed. Yay~

To be honest, I really don’t know what to write, and I couldn’t seem to find any example because no one has posted anything yet. So I guess this is it, the general meeting. It was fun and enjoyable.


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