Careers In Start-Up Workshop

I went to a career workshop about start-ups recently. This workshop was done through a power point presentation presented by two twin brothers who work together in the start-up industry. The two had relatively large amounts of experience involving start-ups and they shared their experiences so far. They told us the various dos and donts of start-ups which would be very useful for me if I ever decided to go join a start-up business or even start my own. They used real life anecdotes from their own lives to highlight what to do and not to do, their successes and failures. They also had some very insightful tips on actually landing a career in start-up. They talked about how we should format and write or resumes in such a way that appeals to the businesses hiring. This was also followed by tips in finding these jobs in the first place, they explained networking and various mediums to do so. They helped narrow down our hypothetical options by teaching us criteria in which we should judge start-up businesses, various questions we should ask ourselves about the company to see whether or not it would be even beneficial to work for them before asking for a job. They also had various interviewing tips, such as how we should approach the interview, including certain questions that we should be asked ourselves rather than only answering questions thrown at us. In terms of using this new information and skills learned at this workshop at Baruch, I may be more open to taking certain internship jobs in start-ups and select those internships more carefully. The interview tips from this workshop will also aid me in actually obtaining some of these internships as I now know better on how I should approach and interview and interviewer. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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