STARR Cover Letter Workshop

Last week Tuesday, I went to my first career-related event at Baruch, a Cover Letter Workshop hosted by the STARR Center. Before attending this event, I was more invested in my student life than I was in my professional life. I didn’t even consider myself to be a professional. But attending this workshop was the beginning of my transition from school to the workforce, from student to professional.

The workshop was led by Ricki Weitzen, a STARR employee, who was very patient to answer my many questions. Through the use of a  detailed PowerPoint slide, she went in depth about cover letters and about how to write them. We learned all about the different ways to format a cover letter and what type of content will make your cover letter stand out to a potential employer. The workshop was also very interactive as we had to participate in quizzes after going over a certain point. We were even put into groups and asked to use our new knowledge to analyze a set of cover letters to determine which was the most effective.  At the end of this section, she gave us a handout summarizing everything she went over that can be used as a reference when we have to write our own cover letters in the future. The final section of the workshop was a brief overview of letters for informational interviews and how to write them. Ricki even told us that she got two jobs offers because she requested and attended informational interviews.

I’m happy I went to this workshop because it was very informative and helpful; I plan to go to many more career workshops during my time at Baruch. They really do teach you all that you need to know about thriving in a professional environment which will become necessary for when I get a job/ internship in the near future.

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CovER LetTeR

Last Tuesday I went to a workshop led by Ricki W(idk) that discussed cover letters. A cover letter is typically a page long document that many jobs ask for along with your resume. It is a more personal look into who you are as a potential employee; answering a large variety of questions. One main thing that is important to keep in mind is that it should be customized to every single job. You should include why you would be an asset to the company you are applying to and should highlight how your past experience applies to the job you want. This is really important because it goes the extra mile into explaining why YOU should get the job over anyone else. You should include any special talents (being fluent in another language or being certified for any computer programs) that you may have.

Cover letters should be written formally, they should be personable, and should always include more than one form of contact information. Cover letters should not exactly be creative using different fonts/colors unless you are applying for an artistic job. Proofreading is an essential part of finalizing and ensuring that you are confident in your application. In fact, it would be a smart idea to ask others to read through it and give you their first impressions and feedback. It’s important to keep in mind that a potential employer is going to quickly scan over this piece so you need to make sure that your talents stand out.

Although I have previously learned about cover letters, I found this workshop really helpful in terms of reviewing and highlighting what exactly should and should not be included in a cover letter.

STARR Cover Letter

As I’m writing this, it’s sad to think about it this with be my last blog for Baruch.  As of now these, blogs have been an excellent opportunity for me to not only explore my own identity but also that of Baruch. And to end of my exploration, I sought to explore the business field by trying to understand the ins and outs of a cover letter. Thanks to Starr, the very helpful programs and workshops  I along with my fellow classmates were able to attend the cover letter workshop.

Now at first glance I never even understood with this phrase means because I thought that we ever needed was to know how to make a resume and do an interview. The cover letter was apparently a form of letter in which you attach as a prerequisite for the employer or employee to identify your special skills and your special individuality. As a result once I entered the class we first received a very helpful packet which I think was the most insightful part of the event.  The cover packet  was divided to many different sections, the first section was focusing on what is a cover letter it’s self and what goes into such a letter. The next section focused on different types of cover letters such as values for a pre-requisite would interview or even a thank you letter after interview or even a conversation in general with someone of higher authority.  Now the teacher who hosted at the starr event was very insightful into our learning career and ability and in doing so she made the majority the lesson be a class discussion. Sadly this event lasted for two hours and you are not able to leave so me and my fellow peers had to power through this event.  Towards the end of this we still need my fellow peers were able to understand what goes into a cover letter what is it it’s self and lastly we had to have tough a find Thai writing my very last blog for Baruch thank you Carlos I appreciate everything you’ve got and I hope to see you more in the future. Signing off your  friend Daniel.


In this amazing event that changed my perception of cover letters. I honestly thought this even will be boring and dull. I was completely wrong, it was the exact opposite. The teacher was enthusiastic and amazing. She taught us the importance of a cover letter and how to perfectly structure them. She told us the secrets of writing the perfect cover letter. I feel like now if I ever need any help, STARR has my back. The teacher gave us handouts that illustrates examples of what a good, bad example is of a cover up. The teacher was very open to questions and put us all into groups to decide which cover was best. Also, the teacher only allowed a person to speak once, so other people will have a chance to talk. Overall, it was a great experience, it was right after a good lunch, and now I am prepared and ready to write my own amazing cover up letter. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Resumé Review Appointment

At the STARR Career Center, I brought in my resumé to be corrected. I didn’t know what to expect at first because my resumé had been updated last in high school. I have only been in college for a few months, and didn’t know what I could have put to make it reflect my college life. Katherine helped me first by giving me more info on resumés and cover letters. Then she went on to help me update my resumé. She told me what was important to note and what wasn’t, and how to make my experience look more presentable.

At first, I honestly didn’t think she would help me because that that something I was used to in my high school. I thought it was a waste of time. I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to explain everything perfectly. I thought the appointment length was too much, but by the end I didn’t think half an hour wasn’t enough.

STARR Cover Letter Workshop

I never truly understood why a cover letter was needed. I always thought a potential employer only needed a resume. Now, after attending this workshop, I realized that a cover letter is needed for every job you apply for. It has the ability to fill in many blank spots of your resume. For example, it can explain why I have large gaps of unemployment in my resume. I can show and explain why they should hire me. A resume doesn’t actually do this: however, a cover letter can explain my reason for applying for the job, and what specifically I can bring to the table.

If I were to just give a resume to a job, I would come off as lazy. By submitting a cover letter along with resume, I am able to show that I am serious about the opportunity that the employer is giving me. Submitting a cover letter allows me to be in control of follow up interview as well. At the end of the cover letter, I can specify when I will be able to call them. A cover letter makes me a more attractive job applicant as well as giving me power as a job applicant. Writing a cover letter is a win-win for the applicant, so why not?

A cover letter should include how you found about the job. It should also include why you think you are qualified to work this job. It should also thank the job for even considering your application. It is made up of the typical introduction, body, paragraph form. The letter needs to be formatted like a professional business letter. In addition to this, the same font needs to be used as in your resume. Obviously, proofread and edit your cover letter at the end for any silly, careless mistakes. Thanks to this workshop, I realized that more goes into applying for a job than a resume and an interview.

The Magical STAR-R (‘S’-‘T’-‘A’-‘R’-‘Ar’) Center

  I’ve been hearing so much about the STAR ‘N R Center. Everyone you ask in Baruch will always tell you amazing words of wisdom. “Hey, if you want info on x, just go to STAR(With an extra R) Center!”. It almost sounds like magic, until you realize, its the next best thing. Stellar R Center is super cool. They have tons of workshops on all kinds of things like jump-starting careers, internships, interviews, resumes, and even stuff like creating your own major (Unless you’re in Zicklin ha get rekt kid.) With sponsors like RMS, Moody’s, and Tarje (target but spelled right), it offers a broad scope of workspaces and opportunities! Starlet (Insert unecessary R here) Center even has an app! You can get it on your phone and connect with employers and get notified about opportunities near you! Cosmic Fireball Don’t Forget Our Second R Center also helps with networking. If you’ve ever needed an entire place to teach you about being a socially capable adult, this is the place! It’s outstanding. Fixed Point in the Night Sky + An R Center has a really dope website that has a radical search engine for internships and job opportunities! Check it out! You’ll never want to leave, unless you have a neat-o Philosophy test to study for. Then you just gotta take a break from Celestial Body and a dank R Center and really hume your kancepts of philosophy! All in all, i really found Luminous Sphere of Plasma Held Together by its Own Gravity With One More R Than Necessary Center really chill and uber fly!


Until yesterday, I had been putting of my visit to see Star R. That’s right, Carlos. I’m Calling it Star R. I don’t care why they spelled it like that, it’s still really stupid. But anyways, I went to The Star R Career Development Center. I wasn’t too confident in my resume going in there. I didn’t really have much on it aside from my yearly volunteer work during It’s My Park Day.

Naturally, I was a little concerned. But once I sat down, they discussed other things I could put down. I ended up adding 5 new things to my resume. One of those things was helping out around my mother’s jewelry business. Another was the 2nd place prize on an old math team. They also helped me word things properly, to make it really pop. Needless to say, I’m now a lot more confident in my resume.

STARR Cover Letter Workshop

The STARR Career Development Center Cover Letter Workshop was the only good option I had: it fit nicely into the long break last Tuesday. However, it also turned out to be very helpful. I have only  written one cover letter before and it was not even for myself, so this workshop pointed out all the things that I had done wrong. Originally, I just looked at the formats online of cover letters and tried to follow along the lines of what others had written.

One of the things I did wrong in my letter was that I did not restate the contact information in the conclusion. I thought since the contact information was already in the heading, it would be repetitive to restate. One girl pointed this out in the workshop, but the presenter told us it was to make things as clear as possible and that it was a formality that should still be followed. Another thing I failed to do was ask for an interview or state that I was looking forward to an interview. I thought it would presumptuous to assume I would receive an interview, but I learned in the workshop that this is one of the main points of a cover letter. What I should have done in my cover letter was include my interest for an interview in the conclusion. We learned that bullet points can be used in a cover letters and that we should not restate what was already said in the resume. Overall, we were taught about the goals of a cover letter, the three paragraphs it should be formatted in, and the formality that it should be written in. A helpful tip that was given apart from the cover letter was to create a real voicemail and not let it stay with the machine.

Starr:wall Street Careers Panel

It was a thursday. November ninth. Six days after my older sister’s 20th birthday, she was in Arizona for a presentation just four days ago. She was back by now. She showed me a picture of her with a cactus they had a lot of those there.

I did know what to expect of the careers panel, because there is an entire facebook event dedicated to it. It would be a career panel of baruch alumni who work in the field of finance. They did not even all work on or near wall street itself, but I guess the name just relates to the finance aspect of their jobs and its relation to wall street. I am considering following the path of some of these panelist and also working in wall street related field. So I thought this would be a good chance to see some steps I may need to take to be successful.

The panelist started off by all telling a little about themselves. All of them, but one were relatively young having graduated in the last 20 years. One lady had graduated in 1990, so was a fair bit older than the rest. Another panelist told about his original plan to become a rapper, and his transition to finance after that failed. He started his own financial management company so he deserves some props. Many of them tried a different field first and later switched to their current profession. A younger female panelist started as an accounting major, found it boring and became an investment banker. Another asian gentleman, who talked very quietly, did very poorly in high school and was still able to succeed in finance, because he liked the creative aspects of it, and the math as well.

Much more was explained, and the panel was very interesting and insightful. The main take aways was “perseverance” as one of the panelist pointed out. The panelist emphasized taking full advantage of all baruch had to offer. And so, I will.