Blog#3 Careers in Start-ups

On Oct. 19th, my friends and I went to a Starr Career Workshop. The workshop is the Spotlight Series: Careers in Start-ups. When we got there, we saw not only freshmen, but a lot of juniors and seniors there. We also found that the two instructors were twin brothers. This workshop might be very useful for them because they’re graduating and need start-ups. Of course this workshop is very useful for me because I learned a lot of things from the workshop. 

The most unforgettable knowledge I learned from the workshop is how to choose a company. The instructors said there were different stages of company: idea stage, validation stage, seed stage, and growth stage. If you want to get a high pay job right after you graduate, you should choose growth stage company. It’s the most stable stage. Also, if you want to get more potential in your company, you should choose seed stage company. It’s the stage that has more risks and the most opportunity. The instructors also told us about some foundational skills. For instance, writing emails is connected to communication, using excel is connected to data analysis, handling difficult people helps your customer service skill, technical fluency helps your social media marketing skill, and persuasion and value communication helps sales skill. Another important knowledge I learned is what kind of people a start-up company would need. A start-up company only needs two kinds of people: the product side people and the business side people. Product side people refers to the people who can create products, and business side people refers to the people who can find customers.

I do learn a lot of things from this workshop. It’s interesting because the instructors share their personal experiences. Hope I can attend more workshop like this.


Blog#2 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A few weeks ago, my friends and I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art because of the assignment from Art History class. I was very excited because the museum is the biggest and most famous art museum in the US. As we got there, I noticed that the museum was quite big. The building took a lot of space. The stairs in front of the museum are very wide and high. Many visitors who just finished their visits of the museum were sitting on the stairs.

Inside the museum, there were many people visiting the arts. Everyone there was quiet and orderly. The artworks were displayed in different galleries. They were sorted by different nationalities, different time periods, different artists, and different styles. The themes and the main ideas of the artworks could be found easily because each artwork had a label which described its background and some details about the artwork. The museum also used different arrangements in different galleries to show the artworks better.

My task was to visit the European paintings from 1250-1800, but I not only visited the European arts but also visited other countries’ arts like Chinese arts, Japanese arts, and Egyptian arts. I saw a lot of arts such as porcelain, bronze tripod, kimono, tatami, and mummy from different galleries. I also visited the rooms of European nobilities in Middle Ages. The rooms are arranged just like the time period of the Middle Ages. The lights were dim and soft. They use the lights which looked like candles instead of bulbs.

This trip to the Met is unforgettable. I not only saw a lot of wonderful arts in the museum, but also learned some history behind the arts. This visit brought me both joy and knowledge.

Blog#1 Latinx Heritage Month Event

Since I knew that we needed to go to some workshops, I have been thinking what kind of workshops or clubs I should join in.  My friends recommended that I could go to the Latinx Heritage Month event with them on Thursday. They showed me the flyer and I knew that this event is to celebrate Latinx cultures as we explored and highlighted its richness and diversity. I was interested in it so I went to this event with my friends.

This event was held in Newman Vertical Campus 2nd Floor Lobby. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the loud music. I saw a DJ play the Latino music. The music was so loud and many people were excited. Some people even danced with the music. I could not understand what the music was about, but I could easily get the feelings that the crowd there had so much fun.

The people there also served free food there. Many people got in line and waited to get their food. It’s a pity that I just finished lunch so I didn’t try their food. They also gave us the flyers, and we could see that many Latinx events will come up soon in this month. After my friends and I signed our names on the computer, we walked around the lobby. We saw a lot of Latin American flags hanging upstairs. I could only recognize a few of them. We also took some pictures like many other students did.

At the time we left, there were still many people coming to this event. My friends and I all thought this event was quite interesting and funny. And I’m looking forward to joining other events again.