Blog#1 Latinx Heritage Month Event

Since I knew that we needed to go to some workshops, I have been thinking what kind of workshops or clubs I should join in.  My friends recommended that I could go to the Latinx Heritage Month event with them on Thursday. They showed me the flyer and I knew that this event is to celebrate Latinx cultures as we explored and highlighted its richness and diversity. I was interested in it so I went to this event with my friends.

This event was held in Newman Vertical Campus 2nd Floor Lobby. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the loud music. I saw a DJ play the Latino music. The music was so loud and many people were excited. Some people even danced with the music. I could not understand what the music was about, but I could easily get the feelings that the crowd there had so much fun.

The people there also served free food there. Many people got in line and waited to get their food. It’s a pity that I just finished lunch so I didn’t try their food. They also gave us the flyers, and we could see that many Latinx events will come up soon in this month. After my friends and I signed our names on the computer, we walked around the lobby. We saw a lot of Latin American flags hanging upstairs. I could only recognize a few of them. We also took some pictures like many other students did.

At the time we left, there were still many people coming to this event. My friends and I all thought this event was quite interesting and funny. And I’m looking forward to joining other events again.

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