Linkedin Profile Development Checklist

Does anyone else feel discombobulated with their weighted book bangs? Or is it just me? Month of October started off pretty simple but as it was coming to an end I found myself heavily dipped in midterms and assignments.

October 31, I decided to go to the Starr Career Development Center for a career based blog post. At the Starr meeting called LinkedIn Profile Development Checklist I learned general information about the website and how it can help someone get to know more people. Even though I had a LinkedIn profile since 2016, I was unaware of making the best out of it. At the workshop meeting I learnt that with this app I can expand my network beyond first degree connections and personal contacts. I also learned that LinkedIn would allow me to search for passive jobs. Through the app the applier can research about their interviewer and support their recruitment efforts, also vice versa. The main speaker at the STARR meeting recommended to include both personal and professional interests on the LinkedIn profile. But he asked to make sure the professional interest should relate to my work field and inspired to include unique personal interests.

At the end of the meeting me, Emilia (my FRO mentor) and fellow classmates took our sweet time to find that good lighting and perfect angle to hide that double chin. Now I am missing high school days where the biggest struggle of life was to change out of gm cloths and get out of the locker room to make it to the second period in 4th floor without an elevator and being scared about the teacher locking the door .5 seconds before the bell rang. I believe for me to be realistic and logical and to avoid mistakes, all I need some ice cream and two weeks of sleep.

Visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum visits are always pleasant. Even though Metropolitan Museum of Art has been one my most visited ones, it’s beautiful and detailed paintings have never disappointed me and always drawn my full attention effortlessly. Visiting the MET with my new classmates (Baruch Bearcats) have not only helped me learn their personal interests but also made me feel like their tour guide and reawakened the sensation of being dramatically excited about the MET altogether.

Although the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself is monumental and grand, I believe that the museum was arranged neatly in order. The entrance was decorated with huge display pieces from around the world. I went in for free with my Baruch College ID card . There were counters all over the main entrance where maps are provided and with the map it’s easier to follow up. The first section of the MET we visited was the European Paintings on the second floor, galleries were decorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures from the renaissance period from all over Europe.

The staircases to go to the second floor were not only majestically huge but also beautifully detailed on both sides. Also there were various interesting paintings including portraits done by famous painters. Even though I was concentrated searching for paintings that are well known, many other infamous painting drew my attention for it’s oriented and majestic color choices. Visiting during weekend made it seem very busy but I did not feel rushed and was able to visit the assigned comfortably.

Visiting the MET and looking at paintings in person was a great experience because it helped understand how to analyse art and also this way I got to view it upclose. The painting itself created an emotional impact on ways I visualize the art world. Since this first semester at Baruch is about being open to new possibilities, having a positive outlook for the world and being a role model inside and outside the classroom, last week’s visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art has convinced me to always push myself out of my comfort zone and make progress every day.


Growing up in a community where art is ignored,also regarded as either having no real purpose or confusing it with entertainment, I believed that art enriched one’s personal and communal skills.After engaging in one of  BPAC’s resourceful performing events on the 10th , I realized how it presents a better perspective on all the branches of art, science, and the humanities within numerous organizations of Baruch.Attending a Classical Concert on the 10th, as a BPAC staff also assisted me with practical contact of valuable culture and art.At Daniel Colallilos CD Release Concert, it was my second day as a new faculty member where I started off with providing accessible seating and assistance upon the arrival of the guests to ensure proper accommodation.With assurance ofsuper flexible scheduldecorativees by Michael Eng, House Manager of BPAC, I was brave enough to attend my first on campus job at Baruch.Through this program I wish to explore different cultural values and changes, enhanching sensibility ,feelings,self-discipline and team work.