(1) Enrichment Workshops: Academic

During mid-September I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art with a few of my friends. I’ve visited this museum before but only viewed it for a short amount of time. Honestly, my favorite part of this museum is the insane view of the city. We sat outside for a while and watched the sunset. The architecture is amazing, thanks to Renzo Piano. He’s truly a genius, and I loved the flow of the building. We were recommended to view each exhibit from the top floor to the bottom. Majority of the time I was appreciating the building craftsmanship over the art pieces. The upper stories of the building overlook the Hudson River, and to the east you can see the High Line Park. The exhibit that struck me the most was, “An Incomplete History of Protest.” All the work is related to activism and politics. One of the art pieces wrote, “Ignorance=Fear, Silence=Death, Fight Aids Act Up.” Definitely a strong quote and something very important for everyone to acknowledge. Ignorance only leads to greater fears in this world, and silence does nothing but bring more destruction. The big themes of race, nation, gender and movement are all here. This exhibit really opens your eyes, it’s more than just pretty art, but something to learn from. The stairs in the exhibit were also cool, until you realize what it depicted. It was a bunch of children-like-figures that were linked to each other through a rope. They each symbolized something different, one figure wore an “all holes matter” t-shirt, the other wore a “remembering 9/11”  t-shirt. It was a very interesting piece.

Introductory Post

My name is Tajinur Jafarli, I’d prefer to be called Taja. A “fun fact” about myself is that I enjoy painting in my free time. My perspective major is CIS (computer information systems.) I’ve developed several opinions on, The Book of Unknown Americans. While reading the book I found myself relating to the main character because we’re both immigrants. There’s many things that one may like about this book, one particular thing I liked was that this story emphasis that most immigrants that come to America have a complicated background and reason to why they migrated. Although this book is generally good, I found it to be a bit boring. If author added more realistic details to this novel, it would be more intriguing. I would’ve also appreciated to see more character development.