Career Workshop blog post

  Some time ago, I was lucky enough to attend an event about finding a career, organized by the STARR center. I must admit that the STARR center provides a lot of help and is one of Baruch College’s most useful clubs. It has helped many undergraduate students gain information about various important fields, including workshops, career finding, internships, mentoring, jobs, corporate presentations and has organized a lot of informative sessions.
What I really like about the STARR center is their Career Counseling. Career Counseling consists of various weekly meetings with an assigned counselor, who helps students gain information regarding their major selection, internships, career explorations, decision making and a lot of other issues that may affect their career process. They also offer a variety of assessment tools to gather information on values, skills, accomplishments, personality style, interests, as well as other areas important to career development to assist you in major selection and career choice.
It is very easy to find and to book an appointment. You can make an appointment, come in during scheduled walk-in hours or attend resume rush to have your resume reviewed by counselors and specialists. They also organize mock interviews, in order to help students be more prepared in their actual interviews.
To sum up, STARR Career Development Center is by far one of the most important clubs at Baruch College. It is easily accessible by anyone and it helps students gain information regarding jobs internships, major selection etc. Now that I got the chance to walk around and ask questions, I know where I’m going in order to get prepared for my first interview, job application, or to check my resume draft.


Dover Street Market/Museum (Academic)

I went to the Dover Street Market with other member of the seminar. The Dover Street Market serves as a market alongside a museum. it features multiple types of clothing and shoes. some of the stuff is for sale while some is just art work. DSM has 8 full floors filled with clothes and art for people to explore. it was a fun experience for me because I had never been there before and it felt fun to explore fashion. I liked some of the stuff there. one of the highlights for me was the Supreme Wall. The Supreme Wall was filled with skateboards and various clothing from the brand Supreme. there were various brands spread out across the eight floors and it was cool to see how fashion had evolved over the years. it was also cool so see different brands that people wear and to encounter brands that I see everyday on the streets. it was very fun to with my friends as it gave us a chance to see what each other liked. we tried on various types and clothes and fooled around. it was fun learning experience. I had tons of fun. Sameer and I even bought Supreme keychains for them to serve as mementoes.

Career Workshop: Study Abroad Fair

Earlier this year, I figured out that my major was going to be International Business. I always have liked to travel so I knew I wanted to do something with traveling. I also know a couple people in that field and they said it was great. so I decided that International Business was a  good place to begin. To further my knowledge I decided to go to a Study Abroad Fair. I attended the study abroad fair with Mitchell. when I got to the fair, I was very impressed with the amount of booths they had set up. I saw various countries there such as India, England, Ecuador, Spain and France. Each country had something different to offer. The country I was most intrigued was actually Denmark. It had a relatively low cost of living. this is something different as the cost of living in New York is higher than most places. it also looked a nice place to live. the other country I was intrigued by was India. I was intrigued by India because my parents are from India and it would be easy from me to travel there. I speak the language there and it would be easy to interact with the people there. It is also a country that connects with America. It is were most of the IT people come from these days so it is a familiar connection. this relates to my career because these are all countries I might visit one day as a part of my job. so I should know countries that I might have a preference traveling to. I also wanted to interact with people from different countries to see what type of people I would be in contact with. the study abroad fair was an informative fair. it was a fun event to attend.

Enrichment Post #3 – Career

For the last few years, I had my life plan set out for myself, I was going to do my undergrad in some kind of business major and then go on to law school to become a corporate lawyer. Over the summer, I participated in a 2 week learning experience about tech and coding and user design and I realized that it was so much more interesting and something that I could truly love doing for the rest f my life. So, to further explore my interest in tech, I participated in the Built By Girls mentorship program over the last 3 months. To be a part of the program, you take a survey describing all of your interests as they relate to the tech world and what kind of mentor you’d be interested in being paired with. I was paired with a mentor named Winnie Chen who works for the company Yext (down the street in the Credit Suisse building). So, once a month, I got to meet with Winnie where she would introduce me to her team , show me the work she did, and help me with sharpening my professional skills such as my elevator pitch. After, three months, you are paired with a new mentor so I don’t know what will be next for me starting in February, but after having such a great mentor, I’m excited to have another one as well as keeping in touch with Winnie.

Academic: Dover Street Market/Museum

A new thing that my new Baruch friends have introduced me to is fashion. It’s never really been a big thing in my mind. I didn’t even know about this place being a few blocks from our school. The Dover Street Market/Museum has 8 floors of high-end clothing and fashion displays and a cafe in the lobby. This is something new to me. The concept of showcasing clothes in a museum like this. Every floor had thousands of dollars of clothing that I wanted to try on really bad, but was advised not to because of its value. Some of the floors had fashion that I didn’t even understand. I wondered how some articles could be worn on a person. This also happened to be our first outing as a whole group. It was a lot of fun getting to experience something new with a set of new peers. We’ll definitely continue to do so.



Career: Study Abroad Fair

I’ve always had the idea to study abroad, but I’ve never actually taken any initiative to make that happen. I suppose I’ve always just thought it’d be too expensive or just something that wasn’t even a possibility. The thought of it seemed nice though so, I thought I’d check out this fair. The gym was layed out in a maze of booths with different country’s and their programs. It was very fun getting to meet new people with different accents and cultures. They were all very informative in what their programs had to offer. It was so overwhelming, yet totally intriguing at the same time. I now have the flyers lying all around my room. Studying abroad would offer me so many new opportunities and the bare thought of it brings a smile to my face. Who knows what’ll happen, but I’m glad this fair got my foot in the door. 

Enrichment Workshop 3 – Career

I have an idea of what I want to do professionally when I graduate college, and am already starting to work in the field. So for my career workshop I decided to accompany my bosses to a presentation they were giving to students at Cooper Union. At Cooper, they addressed students about how they started their company and began to rise through their industry. From breaking into sports, and continuing success they talked about how they simultaneously grew their business while maintaining full time college schedules.  I found it very interesting and informative although I had heard their stories before. For me, I learned the most from my peers at Cooper who asked really detailed questions about business and other things to my bosses. Hearing these kids’ voice, which was an outside perspective on my industry, really helped open my eyes to what maybe some of my friends feel when they hear about my job and industry.

Enrichment Post 2 – Academic

This semester I took Art History to fulfill my arts credit for the flexible core and for my class we have to do an assignment where we go to the Metropolitan Museum and answer a whole bunch of questions that my professor gave to us. I thought I might as well use that trip to write about. So, I went into the Met museum on November 24th expecting to go through the questions on my sheet and leave. I’ve been to the Met numerous times before and had to work later in the day. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did. My professor did this wacky thing where she kept making us run around in circles. The order of the questions was not at all by area, but instead by concepts and questions that connected art pieces in opposite ends of the museum. I have to admit I cheated the system a little bit by taking about 5 minutes to write in all of the question numbers by room on a big museum map so that I wouldn’t have to keep coming back to the same places. Even that didn’t help as much as I thought 3.5 hours in and I still had 6/33 questions. I had to leave to get ready for work, but now I have to go back again. I do think that I gained a lot from the experience though because I was made to explore parts of the museum which I hadn’t seen before. I especially loved the panorama of the garden of Versailles. I couldn’t believe that I had never seen that room before, it was beautiful.

Enrichment Workshop: Career

Through the STARR weekly newsletter, I discovered that a LinkedIn Profile Development Workshop would take place in the STARR Center on Tuesday, October 31st. I attended the career workshop, genuinely interested in what I could learn because I haven’t actually set up a LinkedIn profile as of yet. I’m aware that LinkedIn expands our social network, and if I intend to apply for a job in the near future, it’d be helpful to create a professional profile for myself. LinkedIn is formed to share our professional information and showcase our best work. In that way, companies can get a proper image of you as an employee, and determine whether or not you’re the suited employee for them.

The workshop had put together a PowerPoint to guide us along the important details and aspects that make up a LinkedIn profile. They also made sure we all left with a copy of the checklist consisting of the steps on creating the appropriate professional profile for future reference. The speaker also focused on something that might seem small, but is very effective because it is in fact the first thing an employer who crosses your profile sees, so it sets an impression of you. It is your profile picture; what makes a professional profile picture. We also learned what to put and not put under our experiences and how to write a quality summary. To set the overall picture for us, the speaker discussed how we utilize yelp when we’re looking for a new restaurant to determine whether it will be worth it based on the pictures, ratings, and comments. Our LinkedIn profile pictures are like the pictures from the restaurant, and our summaries, experiences, detailed information about ourselves , etc. are like the comments on the food. With the guidance I received this day, I am working on creating a LinkedIn profile that will showcase the best of myself.

Enrichment Workshops (Career)

During the beginning of the semester I went to the Baruch study abroad fair event.  Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that students in Baruch have the chance to take advantage of. It gives us a chance to get acquainted with new cultures, which is really important in the business world, because you’ll most likely work with people who come from various place of the world. I’m extremely interested in studying abroad in London, so this fair was really important for me. The staff members were really educated and answered every single question very promptly. The event was well organized so It was easy for me to navigate myself around. They offer programs by the year, semester or season. I would most likely study abroad for a semester, hopefully next spring term.