Enrichment Post #2: Academic

About a month ago, I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET). Although I am not passionate about paintings and sculptures as much as I am about other forms of art such as music, I appreciate the grandeur of the art in the museum, as well as the skill required to make such a work of art. In addition, I appreciate art because, like music, it has the ability to convey and/or illicit emotion that words cannot.

It was raining, so there was a lot of people on the line going in, it was wrapping around the trees which cover the block. However, the line moved fairly quickly and I was able to take a look at some of the pieces and leave. One of the pieces that I looked at which was especially beautiful, in my opinion, was Cristobal de Villalpando’s Moses and the Brazen Serpent and the Transfiguration of Jesus. 

My first impression of this piece was “Damn, thats big!” It is over 28 ft tall and 18 ft wide. Villalpando was a Mexican painter who painted during the Baroque period, when paintings and music became grander, more opulent. The subject matter was one which many Catholics knew and believed, the Bible. What struck me about the painting was the scope of the work of art, and how Villalpando was able to connect two seemingly unrelated stories from the Bible almost seamlessly. The brazen serpent, built by Moses based on God’s instructions, is depicted on the bottom. On the top is transfiguration of Christ as He goes to Heaven. They are both related in that the brazen seprent on the cross is a foreshadowing of Christ’s death on the cross; in other words, they are both means of salvation.

Overall, the painting and the other works of art were beautiful to look at and they represent ways in which any emotion can be conveyed, even without words.

Starr Career Post


This past Thursday I attended Starr’s LinkedIn event. Here they taught us how to create the best type of online profile to appeal to the career and motive of your choice. Although I already have a pretty strong LinkedIn profile, I thought it would helpful anyways. The first thing we did was look at different types of profiles. We looked at profiles that weren’t necessarily good or bad, but different in their intent. For example, some people had every category of their profile filled out, but some people didn’t because those areas of the profile didn’t pertain to their intentions. The purpose for my LinkedIn account isn’t necessarily for the purpose of growing my network, but rather to re-establish it. The people I have connected with on my LinkedIn include past employers, alumni, and companies that I have worked with. I hope that people I have on my LinkedIn will see my profile and remember my accomplishments for any future hiring opportunities or for referrals to others in the future. I have a strong network of people from Buffalo, people from my Vietnamese Catalyst Foundation, and some in the dance field. I definitely have to remember to keep my LinkedIn updated when certain interests and intentions for its use change.

Star Career Workshop Post

Last week I attended a Star Career development workshop. The workshop was taught by Ricki Weitzen. At the workshop I learned how to make a cover letter and what it is. A cover letter serves as your formal introduction and first impression on a potential employer or professional contract. For this reason, it is very important that you send a very well written cover letter with a very thorough resume when applying for any professional position. A cover letter is often required and can act as a writing sample for positions that require strong writing skills. A cover letter is a one-page statement of objective that should demonstrate to your employer that your skills and strengths will make you a good match for the organization, corporation or desired position. At the work shop I learned the proper way to write a cover letter and what not to do. I attended this Star Career Development workshop with two friends who also needed to attend it for their freshman seminar class. I already started working on my resume and my cover letter.

Museum Post

Last week I went to the metropolitan museum of art with two of my friends whom also needed to go for their freshman seminar class. Otherwise known as the MET. The metropolitan museum of art is the biggest art museum in the United States of America. There was on oil canvas that really stood out to me. The picture was of a man getting executed and had multiple colors that stood out and called my attention. The canvas was The Execution of Saint John the Baptist. It was painted in the year 1770. This work, by one of the leading painters of the eighteenth-century Bologna, is an oil sketch for a major altarpiece in the church of San Michele, Vercelli, Mid way between Milan and Turin. The painter was Ubaldo Gandolfi. He is an Italian Painter Ubaldo Gandolfi has endowed the scene with a visionary quality, as angels appear to the saint. The contrast between of the executioner rolling up his sleeve and the prayerful attitude of the saint is especially effective. As you can see from the canvas described you can tell why I would be intrigued and fascinated by this painting.

Enrichment Blog Post # 3: Career

This Thursday I attended a CUNY EDGE workshop being run by Rebecca Marrero. The workshop goal was to teach and inform about proper business etiquette. From the workshop I got information that I already knew and information that was new to me. The information that I already knew was like basic obvious things. Such as be professional at all times. Other information that I already knew about was stuff I learned previous workshops and programs. An example of that is to use a subject, so as to make sure that your email gets read. So it just re-instilled the truthfulness behind the advice. The information that I did not know until the workshop feels that they will come in handy in the future when I am in a professional setting. One that I did not know is that you are supposed to introduce the most important person or the highest ranking first. I had no idea and I will most likely need that in my future line of work. Another thing that I learned is that you should use a signature in your emails. Stating your name and contact information, and also stating that I am an undergraduate and my class (i.e 2021). The instructor gave us a email template to have us write a email for a scenario. Which she used to show us what is good to do and what we should avoid in certain scenarios. She also had volunteers come up,I didn’t want to but she called me out because no one else wanted to. She gave us a task and it was to have one volunteers to introduce the other to me. The setting was an office party and we each had a ranking. She did it to have a visual example of business etiquette. At the very end of the workshop she gave a pamphlet.

Enrichment workshop: Career

Last Thursday, I decided to go to the interview workshop offered by the Baruch Actuarial Science Society. They went in depth into what goes on a actuarial resume and was very helpful answering questions. The club is more than I expected, they offer a lot of advice and help about becoming an actuary and I see that I should attend more of their meetings. They used an example of a bad resume and a good one which, again, was helpful. They were very engaging despite not talking about something fun and emphasized organization and making good bullets. They also had pizza which was great. I was kind of sick and very nauseous so I was worried about throwing up but I guess eating something warm helped. I did not participate since I was so tired and unwell but it was still nice experience to sit back and just absorb the information. There had been a Hong Kong club Halloween meeting and the Anime Asylum club maid cafe that day but since I was not up for socializing or smiling I went alone to this club instead. After going over to resumes, the president continued with going through the process of getting an actuarial job or internship. He mentioned fairs and events, the process of interviewing and how to answer certain questions which was very helpful. The overall process seemed very intimidating and kind of scary but whatever. He and the rest of the eboard members also talked about their own experiences in interviews which was nice. He talked right up to 2:25 which was annoying because I had class in 10 minutes 8 floors down and also because I had to pee. I did not hear what he was saying at the end and I did not really care. Thankfully, the elevator came swiftly. 

Student Life Enrichment Shop

Baruch has a lot of amazing clubs and a wide variety to choose from. From student life clubs, to sports teams, to recreational activities like archery, Baruch is sure to have the club for you. I was shocked by the amount of clubs there were at first; the fact that the club fair had more than 50+ booths set up, and that the fair had to be extended to the other gym was amazing. I looked at a few student life clubs like the Hong Kong Club, due to the fact that my mother is from Hong Kong, along with UCLA: United Chinese Language Association that my friends are in. In that club, a few of my older friends that I met through hanging out with my cousin were part of it, and they were sharing their experiences along with what they do and what events they plan out. I have not joined yet, but I do plan to in the near future. Another club that I am joining, however is the archery club. I love archery; ever since I was a Boy Scout going to shooting competitions, to winning my first trophy, to purchasing my first and second bow, I have become an avid recreational shooter that I plan on continuing. I plan on doing another blog post on that soon.  (Please excuse the photo; wish that I had taken another one) 

Introductory Post (Repost)

My name is Jordan Chin, I am a freshman at Baruch College in New York, NY and my intended major is Real Estate and Metropolitan Development. Now, over the summer we read a book, and my favorite parts about it were how the writer introduced certain characters like Maribel, who was a Mexican girl living in the United States. It really showed the hardships she had to endure whilst living in the United States, and it really opens the reader’s eyes as to how our society really is. One thing that I did not like about the book was that Alma was too protective of Maribel, being her mother, but also how she blames herself for Maribel’s accident. It shows how being the mother that she is, she cares a lot for her daughter and takes the blame for when she gets hurt.

Fanara enrichment 2- Career

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, my roommate Nick and I visited the Entrepreneurship workshop in NVC room 2-140. I have to say, this workshop opened up my eyes to the endless world of business professions. Coming into Baruch, I was solely focused on obtaining my MBA in Accounting, not knowing all the other fields out there that I could get into. I realized that there are multiple things that I could explore; most especially in the field of business. The fact is that being an entrepreneur could be a sure-fire way to get involved in business, especially if you have some start up ideas. However, one thing that I learned that really stuck out to me was that to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to necessarily invent something completely new. Most modern entrepreneurs take a business concept that already exists, and they modernize it and make it more useful and easy. For example, Uber took the concept of a taxi and made it easier, quicker, and technologically savvy to call for one. The stock market exchange company, Robinhood, took the age-old concept of buying stocks and made it as easy as using clicking a button on your smart phone. These concepts exist already, but are simply modified. This is information that I can hopefully put to use when I enter the accounting world, perhaps starting up my own accounting company. Plus, we got free pizza!This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Student Life Enrichment Workshop

Baruch College has a lot of different clubs students can join. During Club Fair, I got the chance to visit a lot of clubs, one of them being the International Student Organization, aka ISO. The ISO representatives were very kind and helpful throughout our conversation. ISO is about bringing people together. I feel like it is a smaller version of Baruch College, since it is a club that consists of a huge number of kids, all from different economic, social and religious backgrounds. What I liked about the International Student Organization is that the leaders are very kind and help everyone, including us, freshmen, adjust and get to know Baruch better. A lot of people believe that the International Student Organization is a very important club here at Baruch College, because it is supposed to be the best place to start being active on campus! Students are able to gain information about different cultures, try different foods and experience different religions and customs. I feel like the International Student Organization is the best place to start making memories at Baruch College and meet a lot of new people from various parts of the world. For me, ISO is definitely a club I want to join because, coming from Greece, I don’t know a lot of people here in New York. As a result, this is a way for me to meet new people from different ethnic backgrounds and gain information regarding different cultures. I am very pleased I got to attend one of the International Student Organization’s meetings and I believe that a lot of kids, especially the ones coming to Baruch from different parts of the world, should take a chance on ISO. Both the leaders and the mentality of the club help in promoting a sense of equality between the kids and make sure everyone’s voice is being heard and respected.