Career Workshop: Study Abroad Fair

Earlier this year, I figured out that my major was going to be International Business. I always have liked to travel so I knew I wanted to do something with traveling. I also know a couple people in that field and they said it was great. so I decided that International Business was a  good place to begin. To further my knowledge I decided to go to a Study Abroad Fair. I attended the study abroad fair with Mitchell. when I got to the fair, I was very impressed with the amount of booths they had set up. I saw various countries there such as India, England, Ecuador, Spain and France. Each country had something different to offer. The country I was most intrigued was actually Denmark. It had a relatively low cost of living. this is something different as the cost of living in New York is higher than most places. it also looked a nice place to live. the other country I was intrigued by was India. I was intrigued by India because my parents are from India and it would be easy from me to travel there. I speak the language there and it would be easy to interact with the people there. It is also a country that connects with America. It is were most of the IT people come from these days so it is a familiar connection. this relates to my career because these are all countries I might visit one day as a part of my job. so I should know countries that I might have a preference traveling to. I also wanted to interact with people from different countries to see what type of people I would be in contact with. the study abroad fair was an informative fair. it was a fun event to attend.

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