Dover Street Market/Museum (Academic)

I went to the Dover Street Market with other member of the seminar. The Dover Street Market serves as a market alongside a museum. it features multiple types of clothing and shoes. some of the stuff is for sale while some is just art work. DSM has 8 full floors filled with clothes and art for people to explore. it was a fun experience for me because I had never been there before and it felt fun to explore fashion. I liked some of the stuff there. one of the highlights for me was the Supreme Wall. The Supreme Wall was filled with skateboards and various clothing from the brand Supreme. there were various brands spread out across the eight floors and it was cool to see how fashion had evolved over the years. it was also cool so see different brands that people wear and to encounter brands that I see everyday on the streets. it was very fun to with my friends as it gave us a chance to see what each other liked. we tried on various types and clothes and fooled around. it was fun learning experience. I had tons of fun. Sameer and I even bought Supreme keychains for them to serve as mementoes.

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