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jimbo draft

My mini-story focuses on the consequences of limiting people’s ability to communicate efficiently and freely. In the world all of these mini-stories take place, the setting is a future America in a bleak and desperate state. The government is no… Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 Draft

Assignment #3 It was a typical Monday in the household for Mary, as she got up at 6am to make breakfast and awaken her husband and the children. She opens the curtains in the room which she shares with her… Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 Draft

John Hemminger Remediated Media Paper Professor Graves 5/6/19   America has let it’s capitalist government run to the extreme, and a new government has emerged from this uncontrolled system. Digital and social fascism has been enforced on the people by… Continue Reading →

Michael’s story

Steve Plua             Our mini-series on a country called Fuchsia is a government ruled by a dictator named Supreme Leader Greene. He has implemented many restrictions on people freedom and rights and has decided to close off all borders coming… Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Supreme Leader Greene and the Country of Fuschia

Benjamin Herrera Group Fuschia An Analysis of Supreme Leader Greene and the Country of Fuschia One of the major characters in our mini series is the dictator, “Supreme Leader Greene”, who represents the figurehead leader and cause of civil unrest… Continue Reading →

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