Steve Plua

            Our mini-series on a country called Fuchsia is a government ruled by a dictator named Supreme Leader Greene. He has implemented many restrictions on people freedom and rights and has decided to close off all borders coming into and out of Fuchsia. Elites have become the major voice in government and have somewhat influenced Greene into doing what they said, or want to do. Dictator Greene was now ruling for almost a decade and had brought the country to the ground with numerous freedom-limiting laws. Immigrants in Fuchsia were restricted from many of the limited benefits that citizens of the country were able to obtain. Their lives had become worse with the implementation of Dictator Greene. They were unable to obtain jobs with wages that they could live off of, unable to freely use transportation without the fear of being captured and harassed due to being an immigrant by the police. The worst of all is that they can no longer receive protection from assault from others, or allowed to receive any medical attention from any medical facility as they are now considered outcasts to society. Fuchsia nationalists, after Greene, have also made immigrants life worst. Although they aren’t seen as immigrants specifically, they are seen as inferior to everyone else, They have been thrown to the bottom of the economic class way below the poverty line since then. Since the gap of wealth is so large under this new government, many different classes have different lifestyles with immigrants on the bottom and elites at the top along with Dictator Greene.

            The protagonist on this story of our mini-series is Michael, who had been an immigrant trying to receive his citizenship for several years, is in distraught as he is unable to provide for his wife and newborn child. They have been struggling to get by as they starve and live in small shantytowns along with other non-citizens. Since they have been completely been taken out of normal society, they had to relocate to an area with other outcasts in order to get by with the little that they already have. Their child, who would have been a citizen since he was born in Fuchsia, can no longer receive that privilege as Dictator Greene completely abolished that law. In order to become a citizen now is to pass several tests, background checks, and bee pardon by Dictator Greene for coming into Fuchsia illegally years ago. Michael had tried to get money any way he can from robbing others and doing illegal work just to feed his family enough for the day. Michael had no other family in Fuchsia, as they were able to escape before Greene forcibly took over everything. Life was now becoming nothing but survival at this point for Michael and his family. They were getting tired of it yet felt hopeless, as they could not do anything about it.

            Michael’s story relates to how new immigrants who come to America now, under Donald Trump have to deal with their everyday lives, Although it isn’t as extreme as it is told in our mini-series, they don’t have many privileges as normal citizens do. They must fear for their life of being deported back to their country or being captured at the border and being assaulted physically and sexually as children. One of the other aspects that Michael’s family must endure throughout the episode is the lost and separations of family near the end of it. Since Dictator Greene has closed off all borders into and out of Fuchsia, Michael and everyone else must find a way to get out of this horrific life that they deal with. As they are already barely hanging on, they must find a way to escape rather than entering Fuchsia. This entails the opposite of immigrating into a country since they saw what authoritative governments could do to minorities, especially immigrants who are considered the lowest of class.

            As Michael begins their escape through the wall with other fellow immigrants, the struggle of separation of family ensues as Michael sacrifices himself in order to secure his family’s safety across the wall with the help of some rebelling citizens who oppose the leadership of Greene. This is similar to how children and parents have been separated at the wall during these past two decades in America with immigrants. Although this was a small victory in our story, it sparks massive revolutionary thought into the minds of the people in Fuchsia. Everyone hears the story of Michael and creates these new revolutionary groups in order to rebel against Dictator Greene.  The implementation of real life scenarios into our mini-series can attract attention especially to those people who may have gone through the same situation when they were immigrating into this country. Michael, was in a way taken from his family by the government, as were parents being taken away from their children at the border in real time.