John Hemminger

Remediated Media Paper

Professor Graves



America has let it’s capitalist government run to the extreme, and a new government has emerged from this uncontrolled system. Digital and social fascism has been enforced on the people by the “public servants” in office. This system was meant to create the perfect world for everybody by enforcing rules seen as necessary to create a true singular, fair experience of life that would guarantee freedom for all. The people bit on this system seeming as the answer to the economic hardships due to the exhaustion of Earth’s natural resources. They thought strict rules that put everybody on an equal level would be the answer. At least that is what they were sold on.

These policies put into place actually solidified the absolute control the Small Council had over the world. The small council, consisting of 8 men from the most powerful families who had complete control over the means of production in America, had gone mad with their obsession to create the perfect world. They had no trust in the common person to ever have the ability to create this world. To them, it was their divine right to create a way of life that they saw was morally just and equal for everyone. They believed only they had the power to do this. In their pursuit of this world they’ve restricted as much natural freedoms as possible to create a very basic sense of freedom that everyone would live by, and driven all power and control into their hands Only the politicians, the elite who put the politicians in the position to establish and pass the laws, and a small group of dissenters, knew the truth behind the deceptive policies put into place.

Matt Shirk was born to a prominent head of a growing dissenter group named Freedom Lives. Opposing opinions to the elite and the system in place were met with strict punishments, either forced into slavery or sentenced to death. Matt’s father, John Shirk, hid his involvement with Freedom Lives to protect Matt from the government. If Matt never knew about this group, John knew he would be safe and have a chance at a normal life or a better life if he succeeds. Unfortunately, John is captured, and the Freedom Lives movement is obliterated, and dissent towards the system is gone for 20 years. Matt was relocated to a state facility to install the state’s ideologies of the great world they live in.

As Matt gets pushed through the system, he is psychologically scarred from the disappearance of his father. His disappearance was mysterious, and the explanation the state gave them was less than satisfactory for his preference. Matt feels as if there is more to life then the state is giving him. As he went through the lessons his father taught him through his head, he found a diary his father kept that he had cut in and sewn to one of Matt’s winter jackets. After reading the diary, Matt realizes the corrupt regime he has been living in and forced to love for the past 20 years. Matt realizes that open dissent and revolution will fail. The system has established such an amount of control on the people’s lives that they know nothing other than this life and accept it as normal. They will not buy an open revolt anymore. They do not see their life as deserving more. Matt realizes his only option to infiltrate the system and become a politician who serves the elite. His goal is to expose the elite by serving them long enough to record their actions and intentions to show the people they are being controlled with the hope of freeing the people. However, along his way he is forced to decide between the power and luxury that comes with serving the elite (which he never experienced being a subject of the elite) or to expose the elite with a chance of bettering the everyday person’s life.

This relates to my research by policies being passed by politicians that are meant to better society and create a better world but are passed with intentions of driving power and control to the elite, for example the drug war. This is an extreme view of how the laws passed can have extreme effects if not closely inspected by the people being governed. If any law can be passed, those with more power will try to control this system to serve their interests. It illustrates the deceptive tactics used to sell us these policies. This also shows how the politicians who serve the elite serve themselves at the same time. It questions the morality of the politicians who have to choose between serving and bettering themselves or creating a better world for everybody.