Assignment #3

It was a typical Monday in the household for Mary, as she got up at 6am to make breakfast and awaken her husband and the children. She opens the curtains in the room which she shares with her husband to reveal the sunlight hidden beneath. Her husband Jeff, opens one eye, lets out a groan and awakens to start prepping for work. As her husband is preparing for work, Mary goes in the kitchen to make breakfast. After she had brewed the coffee, and toasted the bread, she then goes to her children’s rooms to awaken them. Her two children Jason (age 6) , and Olivia (age 9) are still fast asleep in their beds snoring peacefully. She wakes them up and helps them brush their teeth, and dresses them for school. As she is doing this, her husband grabs some toast and coffee from the kitchen table and rushes out the door. As he puts on his shoes, he screams, “BYE HONEY” and leaves in a hurry. After her husband has left, she sits her children at the kitchen table with toast and juice, and hurries to pack their lunches in their lunchboxes. At 7:30 am, through the kitchen window, she sees the yellow bumper of the bus arriving. She hurries to put on the children’s coats and kissed them goodbye, as she watches them walk into the bus. She breathes a sigh of relief as she stares into the house, thinking about what she needed to do for the day. She cleans the dishes remaining from the hectic breakfast, and decides to do laundry afterwards. As she gathers the laundry in the room she shared with her husband, she notices a shirt stuck in the corner of an bookshelf. As she tries to tug the shirt free, the bookshelf moves, and reveals a crack to a hidden door. Mary gasps, and tugs hard at the shirt which breaks free to show the complete hidden door. Overwhelmed with curiosity, she opens the door slowly and was astonished at what was behind the door. She sees an large foreign black object that she has never seen before. Mary runs her hand along the screen and finds a button embedded into the screen. She pushes the button and suddenly the foreign object lits up. On the screen was the nation’s dictator, Supreme Leader Greene. The dictator was expressing his beliefs on women, and what their roles were in society, and how husbands should be with their wives, and immigration rules of the nations, and etc. He was spreading this to all the men over the nation, as it was a requirement to own one of these devices if you were a man. It suddenly dawned to Mary on why her husband had treated her the way he did for the past few years. He was being influenced by the dictator’s words and his actions were solely based on what the dictator believed. She now understands why her husband insisted on her being a housewife, and was reluctant to let her work when she expressed the desire to do so. He had tried to explain that even if she worked, her salary would be less than half of what men earned, so it was pointless for her to even work. It was why he had convinced and eventually persuaded her to give up on working and instead, became a housewife. Mary felt frustrated and angry as she was taking all of this in because her whole life had been controlled by this dictator sole beliefs. She felt that it was unfair that the dictator was treating women like this because of their gender, and was successful because of the mandatory device all men needed to have. Greene had influenced all the men in the country into his beliefs. After Mary had calmed down, she knew she had to do something about this. A few days passed, Mary spreads the rumor about husbands hiding an foreign black object to other housewives and how it has affected their future and their potential careers. This spread to other parts of the nation and was questioned by a lot of the housewives. Eventually, the buildup of anger and frustation of the housewives was too much to handle. All the housewives in the nation joined forces to rebel and protest against Supreme Leader Greene. They rebelled because of their lack of rights in the nation as compared to the men who had it better. However, they didn’t succeed because Greene was too powerful. Greene used physical force to threaten the lives of the women making them live in fear, and too afraid to threaten him again.