A tremendous change to Django

From the beginng of the movie, Django was considered as a slave. He had no idea where he was going to and what he was going to do, he didnt even know what his future looked like untill he met a bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz, who was a old Germany.  He redeemed Django for 125 dollars, and decided to make a team with him to make more money for himself and for Django. During the hunting time, Django realized the importance of money which can push people do anything that they wanted to do. Money can also eliminate discrimination and earn respect. the only purpose that Django wanted to do is to rescue his wife from slavery.

in the scence that they went to buy Mandingos, when calvin asked one old Mandingo to have two more fights to make the 500 dollars worth. however the old Mandingo said to him that he couldnt fight any more, then calvin started to worry about the 500 dollars because he thought the Mandingo didnt make that value. and when Dr. schultz wanted to free him, Django interrupted it because they were here to pretend that they want to have a business with calvin which they wanted to buy Mandingos to have fights. Obviously, they couldnt buy a uesless Mandingo with sympathy. Django had money now, and he can save the person in front of him who had the same destiny as him, but he didnt, he knew that they couldnt make any mistake, otherwise they can’t get his wife back, even worse, they would die there. Django had the money and the plan, he kenw money was everything, money can get his wife out of the worse situation, money was pushing his mind ahead to save his wife. the whole scene determined that when a person knows the ultilization and importance of money in that society, they will never lose a chance to get what they want.