You Don’t Need to Work!

“The American Woman’s Dilemma.” Life Magazine. 1947

“a woman was to influence man and boy in her humble role of housewife and mother”

During WW 11, Men had to attend to their duties overseas, which meant women felt it was necessary to work. However, there came a time after 1954 when the men arrived back home. This meant that women no longer needed to work. Many people could argue that women were then rightfully put back into their place of being a home maker or house wife. Society felt it was only right to get back to the norm after the War. Problems were created in society however as many women wanted to continue working  as they enjoyed it. It was fair to say that women had a brand new outlook on life which resulted in more women wanting to work.

In addition, moving to the suburbs forced the women to be home makers rather than independent working women. Moving out of the city meant it was much harder to travel to their once job locations and it also created more jobs to be done such as maintaining a presentable house in the country.