from the “deep” to “shallow”

The Library sees Twitter as a “technology change” in the way we communicate. Nowadays, technology as the primary productive force, advanced technology has brought many benefits to the people; the generation of Internet as well as a large scale to be used in human daily life, it greatly expanded the free space of activities and also brought more freedom and get rid of natural constraints. Online social networks such as Facebook, Aim, Msn, Twitter, and etc are currently very popular, however these modern platforms are supposed to provide services that bring people closer together but I believe it is actually doing the opposite due to how easily it is to utilize instant messaging services to chat instead of having a conversation face to face and sending an emoticon instead of a real smile or even a hug. I strongly believe that in-person experiences are far more memorable than anything a computer screen can deliver.  Nevertheless the emergence of the Internet does help expand the dimension of freedom of human behavior, developing human’s great potential; bring to mankind a far-reaching change.
I agree with some people that say this generation is doomed from the “deep” to “shallow” generation; this generation is the generation of the information revolution Oliver Twist; this generation is taking the last memory of life without the Internet generation.