Hello Big Brother

Ever since the creation of technology, society has never looked back. We are so relient on techonological uses that society has all but lost the ability to think and function on our own.

Though it has been very helpful in our progression of life for it has given us the ability to “archive” our everyday lives. Cave walls, dirt, and maybe eventually even paper, is no longer needed to help document history. It is a great advancement and helpful to historians down the line who want to look back and be able to show history without having to dig through pounds of fragile artifacts.

In “Archiving  Tweets”  this sentence by Luke, “I believe (strongly) that control over the life of user-generated content should lie permanently with the user.”,is my thoughts exactly on the whole situation. I do not feel comfortable knowing that what I am writing on my personal blog is being archived in someone’s library. I am very big on being private. Its bad enough people have found ways to turn technology into ways to hack into the lives of others and destroy them but now we also have to worry about the government, historians, jobs, etc. To me there really is no “freedom of speech” so to say if we have to worry about when can I say what and who is watching and judging my thoughts.