Capitalist Vs. Communist

After the World War II, the world entered a period of peace.  However, wars has never stopped since the end of WWII.  Cold War between United States and Soviet Unions leads to many mini wars around the global.  The Korean War is one of the example of Capitalist Vs. Communist war.  After the WWII, Korea is divided into two parts with two different political system.  North Korea is a communist country while South Korea follows democratic ideology.  After suffering great causality, the war ends three years after the first battle.

I learned about this war when i was back in China.  In Chinese Government’s perspective, Korean War was a defense war to repel the Capitalism aggression.  Chinese Military’s involvement of Korean War was to aid North Korean in war to stop United States’ Capitalism influence in Asia.  On the other hand, I also learned about the war in United States and the story is different.  In US text book, the war is view as Communist aggression.  North Korea invaded South Korea and attempted to unify Korea under Communist rule.  United States send troops to fight the war under the name of preserving democracy.  The War ended without any significant benefit for neither sides.  The border line was restored and mini battles continuous even until modern days.