Pendleton Act (1883)

The Pendleton Act is a federal law established in 1883 that use British civic system as a reference and provision that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit. This is the first time federal government established the three principles of personnel management, included competitive exams, permanent position and politically neutral position. ┬áIt also made it illegal to fire or demotes government employees for political reasons. Started during the Chester A. Arthur administration, the Pendleton Act served as a response to the massive public support of civil service reform that grew following President James Garfield’s assassination by Charles Julius Guiteau.

2 thoughts on “Pendleton Act (1883)

  1. I believe there is a lot of value in this particular primary document. This is the actual document produced for the Pendleton Act and you can’t get any more primary than that other than if you were to get the ideas right out of the author. The context included gave me enough information to figure out what the document is, what it was used for and such. In my opinion no other sources are needed for this document

  2. The Pendleton Act holds a large amount of value, because it is proof that officials clearly saw there was corruption in government jobs. Elected officials would give jobs away to family and friends who were not qualified to be in those jobs. Your description is very straightforward and to the point, which is great! Some other documents that could be included with this one are court papers and news articles from the time it was going on.

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