The Amendment that Freed U.S.All

The thirteenth amendment was adopted on December 6, 1865 and became the first amendment of the Reconstruction. This amendment abolished all slavery and involuntary servitude except for punishment for a crime. The importance of this amendment is that it was passed shortly after the Emancipation of Proclamation to show that the proclamation was not just a temporary war measure for the Civil War. President Lincoln wanted to guarantee the slaves their freedom.

In addition, it is also important to know that it took many years for this Amendment to pass. The amendment was rejected the first time by the House of Representative. It was President Lincoln whom worked closely with the House that got the amendment passed the second time around.

3 thoughts on “The Amendment that Freed U.S.All

  1. The Thirteenth Amendment was important to the US Constitution because it ended slavery in the United States, making it illegal to hold or own slaves. It was also important to the Civil Rights Movement.

  2. This Thirteenth Amendment that was added to the constitution in 1865 is very significant to the lives of black people, since it ensured abolition of slavery in America and made slavery illegal.

  3. This Amendment and the civil war is extremely important and should be on the exam, it is because of this war, and this amendment that I can even be in the same school with my classmates. This gave freedom to slaves, it may have taken many year for many people to accept it, but that change eventually happened.

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