Journey to America.

Picture of Japanese brides coming to U.S. to help Japanese men find a wife. Early 1900s

These two documents were taken from two different sites. The first picture is black and white which shows a larger portrait of the place and the womens migrating. This helped Japanese men that were already in U.S find their overseas wives. The picture shows up clearer than the second one. The second one has colors ┬ábut it isn’t as clear as the first one. The second picture was after the Gentlemen’s agreement.

3 thoughts on “Journey to America.

  1. These two pictures show the Japanese population coming over to the United States but according to my reading, they only represent a small porportion in the immigration boom. They may come to the US due to world war II.

  2. Regardless of how much portion of the picture bride marrige took place in immigration history.I’m very intereted in the picture bride history.I did some research online,although the grooms and brides had never meet each other untill they were married,their marriages surprisely worked out very well and most of the couples stayed together forever.

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