Angel Island Immigration Station

The picture on the left hand side was about several Chinese immigrants getting detention and interrogation at Angel Island, San Francisco Bay and the right hand side one was a picture of a barrack the Chinese were lived during that time. The immigration station station in Angel Island was established in 1910, the immigration officers detained the Chinese and asked them quetions about Chinese villages and family histories, they also were forced to prove they had a husband or father who was a U. S. citizen, if they could not answer quesions correctly or provide evidences, they would get deported. Unlike Ellis Island in NY, which usually processed immigrants in a day, the Chinese immigrants at Angel Island were detained in the immigration station for weeks, months or even years. Many Chinese still recalled the hardships of detention after many years later. A museum later was established at Angel Island in Los Angeles, CA.

3 thoughts on “Angel Island Immigration Station

  1. These two pictures depict the living condition during the immigration era. We can see from the bottom picture that there are a lot of people living there and the space is very tight.

  2. These two photographs show strong examples of irony during the time of mass immigration because many immigrants emigrated to escape hardships just to face another hardship on the other side of the ocean.

  3. I find it appalling that immigration workers would interrogate chinese immigrants for their history. It goes to show how unwelcome the chinese immigrants were if they tried so desperately to not let them into the country

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