Immigrants being transported on horse-drawn wagon, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Immigrants in English class given by Training Service of the Department of Labor in Ford Motor Co. Factory, Detroit, Michigan 


 While both pictures give us a sense of people being in immigration, the second one tells us why United States was considered the best destination of immigration. Unlike other countries at that time, companies in the United States were more willing to spend money and time to train their immigrant workers. We can easily identify the different attitude of these two group of people. People in the upper one were more gloomy, probably worrying their future while those workers in the lower one seemed more eager to learn and more confident about their lives in the US.

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  1. This is a very clever way to look at the immigrant work force. The second picture sort of explains why Americans wanted to stop immigration. Immigrants were more willing to take a low paying job than Americans and thus laws like the Chinese Exclusion Acts were passed.

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