A Dollar And A Dream

Ellis Island

Immigrants at Ellis Island, circa 1900. Photograph: Bettman/Corbis

Mulberry Street 1900

Mulberry Street 1900 in New York’s 5 Points. Library of Congress photo

                The first picture is one of immigrants as they arrive on Ellis Island. They stand on line with there bags waiting to get processed. This picture represents hope. The immigrants left whatever struggles they were comming from in hope of a new, more sucessful life in the US. They come with nothing more than their bags and hope. 

                  The second picture overlooks one of the most dangerous places american history has ever seen.  The picture overlooks Mullberry Street, one of the streets in the infamous five points in NYC.  That picture represents what became a reality for many immigrants. They traded their domestic sufferings for foreign ones.  Their living spaces were overcrowded, their jobs remidial, and their dreams deffered.

5 thoughts on “A Dollar And A Dream

  1. Look at all the push carts on the 2nd picture, a very important part of the commercial life of the city at the time. Italians were especially known for their pushcarts. Few Italian immigrants when they first arrived had enough money to open a store, but many were able to afford a push cart.

  2. It just shows how the struggle of immigrants and the fruits of their labor didn’t perish as America became the most successful country in the World and continues to be called “The land of Freedom”!

  3. The second picture shows a typical day in NYC back then, with few people able to afford a store pushcarts were the ideal choice for many immigrants. they would peddle their wares all over the city; and they would sell everything from fruits and vegetables to baskets and shoes.Nice Picture!

  4. The second image really puts into question the cliche associated with the “land of the free and the land with roads paved of gold. If this was actually true, would there really be streets like the one above of Mulberry street?

  5. Immigration is a wonderful topic for the midterm because it seems to be the blueprint of America. Immigrants affected the course of America’s history in numerous ways and understanding and appreciating their contributions is crucial to analyzing America’s history and putting things into context.

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