Child labor or child slavery?

Child labor existed prior to the Progressive Era. After industrialization, many poor families sent their children to factories to work. Many children died from poor working conditions and hazardous equipments. The average age of child labor was four to sixteen years old. Many of these children did not go to school at all. During the progressive era four constitutional amendments were passed. One of these amendments outlawed child labor. The Progressive movement did succeed in creating safer work standards for all, and enacting age limits and work hour limits.

2 thoughts on “Child labor or child slavery?

  1. As a nanny who takes care of three kids that are not much younger then the one in this photograph. I am disturbed that any child would be anywhere near these types of machines, let a lot working with it. It makes me sad.

  2. I believe this is a important issue that should be highlighted many times. Our past history, shaped our present history in a positive ways. There should be no reason that kids this young in the picture should be working or even dying from labor. Disappointing, to see that our government did not take any control to help our poor families during that rough time. Until the child labor amendment. The reason, I have stated that this should be highlighted is due to the fact that some people today forget, that our history consisted of some horrible times. Some children today , throw away food and spend unnecessary money because our government reshaped our country by offering them food stamps to go shopping, better jobs opportunity. Back in history, people were limited and didn’t have such benefits, there for sending their poor young children to work just to not live in complete poverty. I believe everyone should look back into our history and be thankful for what benefits that they have now.

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