Assignment due 3/9

1) Read Foner, Chapter 20.
2) Choose one person, place, or event discussed by Foner in Chapter 20 that has not yet been covered on the blog.  Insert an image representing that subject.
3) Write one paragraph explaining basic information about the video: When was the media originally produced?  Who is depicted or heard?  What historical change does it represent and how well is captured?
3b) You may also embed a video from YouTube into your post that represents the subject.  I had hoped to show you how to do this in class Monday.  I will review this when I return.  However, I can give very simple instructions here: simply copy the URL from YouTube and paste it into your post as you compose it.  When you publish, it should automatically appear as a video.  This tends to work best in Firefox or Safari (IE converts the address into a link instead).