I have the right to?

The prohibition of alcohol was a long and debatable topic. Everything was truly against the law, drinking, selling, importing, manufacturing and transportation. Prohibition was instituted by the 18th amendment which was ratified in 1919. Prohibition can also be defined as a legal term which analyzes the environment where the law was actually enforced! Eventually what prohibition did was worse than good, it created an atmosphere of illegal and criminal behavior. It created a route for “organized crime.” If an individual could not get it the right way, they found it another way. The life term of this amendment was not very long, its unpopularity forced it to be taken back into courts, and in 1933, it was up to the individual states to do as they pleased with alcohol.

One thought on “I have the right to?

  1. “What you resist, persists,” this quote by Carl Jung perfectly applies to the Prohibition Act. I think this was an important lesson for the Law-makers of America on how the laws should be implemented, which is in a positive way (on what you can do), not negative (what you can’t do).

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