Give Me Bread or Give Me Death!

Unemployed men waiting on line for food.

The Great Depression had a pervasive and profound impact on American life. When the stock market crashed, everything began to crumble and fall. Millions were without jobs, therefore, resulting in people relying on bread and soup lines to bring food to the table. In the two photographs, it depicts different groups of people waiting on line for food. In the first photograph, it is a picture of a group of men, most if not all white, on a line for free coffee and doughnuts. This line is targeted to the unemployed individuals. In the second picture, it shows African Americans on a soup line. These two pictures show how the depression negatively affected diverse segments of the population and that starvation was a widespread problem. In addition, the second picture has an ironic poster advocating the American life in the background. American dream? It did not exist anymore.

People waiting on the soup line.

One thought on “Give Me Bread or Give Me Death!

  1. Great Depression i think also have to be on midterm.The Great Depression scared everybody, including the rich. The Stock Market crash and other economic struggles forced Americans to stop purchasing. people didn’t have a job,they didn’t have money to buy a food and etc.We are livinig in 21 century and we don’t know how people were living in Great Depression, we have everything,we are spoiled( most of the people don’t care about anything), that’s why it’s will be good to have this theme on a midterm.

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