Old nine vs. New six

The title of this cartoon was “Furnish the Court…Assistant”, which was published on 2/6/37,by Elderman in Washington. This cartoon responded to the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, also known as Court packing plan. His purpose was to regulate the New Deal legislation that was ruled unconstitutional before. According to the plan, the President could nominate maximum of six Justices to the Supreme Court.

The six people on the top were the Justices that nominated by Roosevelt and those nine people were the old Justices. Those nine Justices looked serious and those six were not. I think the cartoonist tried to imply those six were just listen to President and support every decisions made by Roosevelt. So they were not taking thing serious.

One thought on “Old nine vs. New six

  1. I think it is reasonable to add a few questions regarding FDR’s actions during his presidency. Although he was overall a good president, not all of his actions were seen as a purely good plan. The Court Packing plan was a very unpopular move as it seemed like FDR was aiming to control judicial branches of government. If he gained such a power, who knows what would have been passed.

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