Assignment due 4/4

1) Read Foner, Chapter 23.
2) Read the Wikipedia entry about Dr. Strangelove: (skip past paragraphs discussing the ending if you don’t want to know how it ends)
3) Write at least one brief (2-3 sentence) comment in response to this post expressing your expectations for the movie based on what you have read or already know about the movie.
4) Write a post on a person, place, or event discussed in Foner’s chapter 23 that has not yet been covered on the blog.  Include 1-2 paragraphs explaining how history might have been different had this person, place, event, or idea not occurred when it did?  How might American society be different today?  How about your life?  Include an image or a video (just paste the URL from a YouTube video into a post and it should convert to an embedded video; I can help correct it if there is a problem).

26 thoughts on “Assignment due 4/4

  1. I expect the movie to be very funky. Well, maybe it is be too funky to my taste. I know it’s a political satire, but the fact that someone rode a missile as a rodeo would ruin the politically-serious atmosphere of the movie. I expect “Dr. Strangelove” to be a great movie, but it might has a few funky moments that I won’t like.

  2. I expect the movie to be interesting since it’s a black comedy film. I wonder how the director would capture tragedy and horror in a comical way.

  3. I expect te movie to depict a lot of tension between the US and the USSR since this is the main theme of Cold War, a war that fears to result in nuclear destruction. I also expect the movie to be mocking the USSR in a comical way and show US superiority over them as a way to boost national patriotism.

  4. I think this movie, rather, I hope this movie will be very funny and will go to show the consequences of paranoia and propaganda. I also hope this film will give some insight into this time period, or hopefully just a different view point.

  5. I anticipate this movie to be a satire of the Cold War. In doing so, the movie will exaggerate and ridicule the concerns, fears, and issues of the war.

  6. After reading about the movie on wiki, I am reminded of the movie “Outbreak”. It seems as though the plot is going to end in a similar manner, as the bomb strike is called off. The movie sounds interesting as it does shed some light on a possible plans for a nuclear war. Hopefully it will be amusing.

  7. I think think movie will be pretty interesting, but not too funny. It definitely will be very exaggerated to the point where they overdo the scenario. However, I do expect to learn form the movie. If the Library of Congress thought this film was culturally significant then I believe it will teach me a lot. I always learn best when watching something, as opposed to reading it.

  8. This movie sounds interesting to me. I am curious about what happen after the doom day machine is activited. I expect the movie covers some significant background information behind the cold war.

  9. I think this movie is going to be interesting. I look forward to seeing how a difficult and negative situation concerning the nuclear weapons will be portrayed in a humorous light. However, I feel as though this movie will be somewhat ridiculous because I feel like the only way you can portray such a situation as humorous is to make exaggerate the situation.

  10. I think this movie will be very interesting. since the movie is satire of the Cold War. so I expect the movie to have more about the issue that happened in cold war and more background.

  11. I am looking forward to how the the movie portrays the Cold War and if it maintained some consistency with History. So at least we’ll be able to learn something from it and not just see it as a laughing matter!

  12. I think this movie will be amusing since it is using humerous components to break the serious and tense reality of the cold war. The name of the protagonist, Jack D. Ripper arouses my curiousity.

  13. I expect this movie to be both humorous and informative. After all, the U.S. Library of Congress deems it as “culturally significant.” I’m sure i’ll be able to learn a great from this film.

  14. I am excited about this movie but only because it a political satire. I hope that the movie is over exaggerated, full of contingency and very funny. I can’t another movie with really violent and graphic scenes like the last two movies we watched in class.

  15. I am excited about this movie but only because it a political satire. I hope that the movie is over exaggerated, full of contingency and very funny. I can’t take another movie with really violent and graphic scenes like the last two movies we watched in class.

  16. This movie seems interesting seeing that it is a black and white film. I’ll be expecting a lot tension and crazy bombings since its theme is the satire of the Cold War.

  17. I expect the movie to be very funny, interesting and thoroughly entertaining because its a black comedy. Im curious to see how this movie takes the idea of the fear of nuclear weapons during the Cold War and turns it around, making us laugh at it.

  18. I expect this movie to show a satirical and humorous version of a desperate situation. I honestly hope it will be close to the movie “Airplane” in its presentation, with ridiculous scenarios, situations and characters. I also expect it to have a deep plot and a twisted version of true events, playing on what may have happened if the war went a different way.

  19. I expect the movie to be very dull. I do not believe the general plot allows for much of a truley intrigueing storyline. I expect to fight a battle with sleep today. Hopefully im wrong.

  20. I look forward to seeing how this movie will depict the event of the Cold War. I wonder how coherent this movie will be compared to what had actually happened. In order to make this movie humorous, I expect many fabricated scenes.

  21. I think the movie will be funny. The director used black comedy to portrait the cold war, which did not make the movie be boring,so I expect to watch the movie.

  22. It is always interesting to understand and view history on screen. I assume this will also be a film which provides direction and a good portrayal of the cold war. How much the director is capable of getting every piece of his research included in the movie’s plot will also be something to note.

  23. I think this movie will be good at depicting the tension during the cold war. It seems like it is a good movie which provides comedic relief to a situation that was very serious.

  24. There’s definitely character confusions in the story plot on Wikipedia. I hope when I watch the movie, the character analysis would be more clear to me.

  25. I am actual excited about watching this movie, because there is so much that I have forgotten about the cold war. The fear surrounding the cold war is scary. It’s nice that this movie is making it humorous.

  26. I expect the movie to have alot of tension, and although it is a “black” comedy i dont see much comedy being brought into play with a subject like this

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