McCarthyism is practicing the accusation of disloyalty without any reason against alleged communists during 1940 to 1950. During the time, the senator, McCarthy and House Committee on Un-American Activities accused over thousand American people without any proper evidences. And the agencies primarily suspected governmental employees, actors, scientists, and educators. This suspicion created a kind of threat. People feared being accused and most of them lost their job and even imprisoned.

6 thoughts on “McCarthyism

  1. I believe the fear of being overtaken by the communists was the reason behind the rise of McCarthyism. People were so paranoid that they were willing to jail people without proper evidences. Unethical individuals like McCarthy also aggregated the situation by pointing fingers at the innocents.

  2. Looking back, McCarthyism definitely seems like a ridiculous practice, however at the time, it made Americans feel safe. However, such a practice definitely would create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for those being accused.

  3. Since Americans neeeded assurance from the fear of the spread of communism, McCarthy seized the opportunity and took center stage. As mentioned above, McCarthyism was the justification of the wrongful imprisonment or deportation of many innocent individuals. In addition, many people became insecure and paranoid. Nobody could be trusted. McCarthy became the symbol of hope, at a time when everything else was bleak.

  4. McCarthyism definitely was an interesting practice. Although at the time it made people seem safe and secure, it also threatened a lot of people with their lives and jobs. Today i believe this practice can be seen in a different light and to a different extent. For example, when the September 2011 attacks occurred, there was a sort of similar practice to find terrorists. This may have made many people feel secure but at the same time, there were innocent people feeling as though they were being seen as a terrorist and ultimately making them feel like outcasts in society.

  5. McCarthyism is a prime example of how fear of Communism can cause paranoia within our society. Many American’s were too afraid of Communism to have any doubt’s of the accusations that were made and those who did had doubts of the allegations were afraid that they would be charged with the crime of Treason if they were to speak up.

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