Protest Song

Masters of War by Bob Dylan
Dispear – Nas

These two songs protest the current situations in America. The first one is a protest on the war on vietnam. Bob Dylan Goes as far as to comparing America to Judas saying that America is decieving the people. He says that america is doing this by fighting a war that is unwinnable and saying they are trying to obtain a goal of peace. He is saying that with all of the weaponry all america has done is destroy and no matter what they do they would not be able to gain forgiveness for these places they ravaged.

In the second Song Dispear by Nas & damien Marley he attacks all of america’s history to present day in its economic focus. He compares them now to the slave master relationship. “the master, the masses, one has power the other one lacks it guns are power controlled by assets owned by financial forecasters. whos the masters their the gangstas their tha bankers the ones who tax us, the masses they are us the people the sheep divided in classes.” This line represents what he basically says about the situation.