archiving history

History, this is something that allows us to re-live our past and never forget what has happend.  Today’s version of histroy is not the same as the past.  In the past there was no technology or electronic devices used to video tape history.  All the history we know of today is either by means of writing with feather and pen or by searching the earth’s crust for signs of life.  Now-a-days We have almost anything important that has happend on video.  It is not going to be hard for archeologists in the future to learn about our present history.  In fact the people of the future will be so ahead because they can viually see our history that it will help improve theirs.  I think archiving tweets is pointless and is definately a waste of space and paper.  The only positive that can come out of it is that it would give a few people jobs.

Regarding wikileaks.  I believe this was terrible for the country because not only was the U.S. Gov’ts secrets exposed, in the eyes of others it made the U.S.(usually known as a super power) look like a chicken that can’t control it’s eggs.  Things U.S. citizens had no busy knowing about were leaked and it could only cause damage to the country as opposed to people’s curiousity being pleasured