The Roosevelt Corollary

While officially being enacted prior to WWI, the Roosevelt Corollary was an important part of WWI.  This document basically stated that the United Stated had “the right to exercise “an international police power” in the western hemisphere”, in order to protect the Americas for possible imperialistic notions from European countries (Foner, 683).  Essentially this meant that if a country in “The Americas” seemed to be unstable due to economic, political etc.  reasons the US would play the part of the “good neighbor” (as called by FDR) and help the country get back on its feet.  This was done because the US feared that if a country fell, European invaders would take over that nation and make it a point to further expand in the Americas, thus causing war.  This policy became known as the “Big Stick” policy due to the fact that at the time the US had arguably the best military and we put on a show of force to ward off potential attackers.  Prior to and during WWI the US fought for Cuba and Panama and stated this policy as their reasoning.  There were tensions with the Germans in Venezuela as well in the early 1900’s that eventually blew up into them going on a imperialistic and genocidal rampage in WWI.  Foner was dead on in what he wrote about the Roosevelt Corollary; however I feel he could have written more than one page on it.  He seems to be neutral on the topic and seems to state the basic points clearly.  My images show the representation of what people thought of the US during that time, essentially that we were trying to bully them out of “our territory”.  It simply shows that the US took the time to say “we have the bigger gun” so that Europeans better back away slowly and not try to invade our areas.